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Message from the Director

Welcome to the Division of Cardiovascular Diseases at the University of Kansas Medical Center. We are committed to excellence in all three missions of academic cardiology - patient care, teaching, and research. Over the past decade, our division has experienced phenomenal growth in both clinical and research programs - and consistent with this growth, the cardiovascular program at the University of Kansas Hospital has been ranked in the top 50 programs in the nation for 3 consecutive years by the U.S. News & World Report's annual survey.

The University of Kansas Hospital is the largest academic tertiary care center in the region catering to more than 2 million people in Kansas and several adjoining states. Our internationally recognized cardiovascular physicians in Mid-America Cardiology at the Center for Advanced Heart Care deliver the highest standards of patient care in all cardiovascular subspecialties, including cutting edge interventional and device therapies for coronary artery disease, cardiac rhythm disorders, and heart failure. Indeed, very few programs in the country provide such an extensive array of cardiovascular therapies. Our excellence in clinical cardiovascular care is reflected in very high patient satisfaction and very low mortality.

Our teaching efforts are continuously monitored and improved. In addition to Dr. David Wilson, M.D., who has served for many years as the general cardiovascular fellowship Program Director, we have recently appointed Associate Program Directors to shape and enhance fellow education in specific subspecialty areas in the ever-changing frontiers of cardiovascular therapy. Based on high volume and patient complexities, advanced fellowships are also offered in interventional cardiology and electrophysiology. A well balanced conference series is used as the primary vehicle for didactic teaching. A number of lectures by invited speakers are also available to enhance understanding of complex cardiovascular disease processes and molecular pathobiology.

In the research arena, we strive incessantly to build new knowledge and translate the existing into therapeutic practices for improved patient care in the future. The newly formed Cardiovascular Research Institute plays a major role in this process and serves as a quintessential bridge to bring clinicians and basic scientists together, promoting translation. The major areas of research include cardiac repair with adult stem cells, protection of the heart against heart attacks, innovative interventional therapies for coronary artery disease, and atrial fibrillation. Over the past years, research conducted by our fellows and faculty has resulted in numerous presentations, publications, and funded clinical trials. The multicenter clinical trials also provide the opportunity for patients to utilize innovative therapies and devices that are otherwise unavailable.

This is only the beginning. We are continuously developing novel plans for the expansion of patient care, training the future leaders in cardiology, and conquering the unknown through trailblazing research. In the coming years, we will work hard, together, to grow our program to loftier heights.

Thank you for visiting...and we hope you will join us in this exciting venture!

Buddhadeb Dawn, M.D.
Maureen & Marvin Dunn Professor of Cardiovascular Diseases
Director, Division of Cardiovascular Diseases

Last modified: Mar 12, 2012

B Dawn

Buddhadeb Dawn, MD

Maureen & Marvin Dunn Professor of Cardiovascular Diseases

Director, Division of Cardiovascular Diseases