General Description

The faculty attend on an inpatient consultative service at the Medical Center. All inpatient consultations regarding patients with a broad spectrum of immunologic and rheumatologic diseases are seen by a member of the divisional faculty.

The division operates nine half-day clinics each week with a focus on systemic lupus erythematosus, atopic diseases and nonarticular rheumatism, and inflammatory arthritis. The fellows also have the option of working with a member of the clinical staff in a private practice arrangement. During the second and/or third years, the fellows are expected to participate in a laboratory research project under the direction of one of the divisional faculty or design and execute a clinical project with one of the divisional clinical faculty.

Special consideration will be given to applicants contemplating a career in academic medicine. A minimum of two years of laboratory experience is required for the development of investigative skills.

Inpatient consultation service

  • Fellows participate three months annually.
  • Current stipend for fellows: approximately $48,568 per year. In addition, a fringe benefit package of health insurance for the individual, malpractice insurance and participation in one scientific meeting per year is offered.
  • Timetable for application and notification of acceptance preceed the start year of the fellowship: Applications are due July to early August. Interviews are usually held during September and October. Notification of acceptance occurs on Match Day for each specialty.

Program objectives

  • Offer a comprehensive two-year clinical program for internists desirous of certifying in rheumatology
  • For physicians desiring board eligibility in both Allergy and Rheumatology subspecialties, a combined three-year program is not available at this time.
  • Scholarly activity is required. This may be satisfied with a clinical or laboratory-based project. A formal presentation at a regional or national meeting is expected.
  • Orientation to interdisciplinary specialties: skeletal radiology, rehabilitation medicine, orthopedic surgery (hand and foot reconstruction, joint replacement)

Clinical activities

Training experience:

  • Inpatient consultation service: three months/year
  • Outpatient clinic experiences: up to six half-days/week

Training environment:

  • University hospital, private practice (upon request)


  • Weekly Wednesday morning research conference or journal club (one hour)
  • Weekly Wednesday morning didactic conference and clinical protocol development (one hour)
  • Monthly skeletal radiology session and clinical case presentations

Last modified: Mar 28, 2014