Rheumatology Fellowship

We are looking for highly motivated, enthusiastic, and intelligent individuals to join our Rheumatology program. The goal of our fellowship is give physicians the optimal education and research experience so they can provide exceptional allergy and immunology care. We currently offer two competitive fellowship positions per year.

The Rheumatology fellowship at the University of Kansas Medical Center is an ACGME accredited two-year program to train for a career in academic as well as clinical Rheumatology. We have four board certified Rheumatology attendings, including one board certified in Allergy and Immunology. We have one nurse practitioner and a Ph.D. researcher involved in fellowship education.

Our campus

KU HospitalKU Medical Center has a longstanding reputation for compassionate and state-of-the-art patient care in an academic medical center environment. Our faculty physicians provide inpatient care and constitute the staff of The University of Kansas Hospital and provide ambulatory care through the University of Kansas Physicians on our campus and across Kansas City, giving our students opportunities for clinical experience and residency training.

Our clinics consist of adult and pediatric clinics located onsite in the new state-of-the-art Medical Office Building attached to KU Medical Center and The University of Kansas Hospital. Each clinic offers a wide range of training models and patient profiles to allow for outstanding cross-training. The clinics are staffed with superb ancillary staff to ensure the best in patient care and clinic efficiency. We also offer a variety of electives based on the specific needs of each fellow in training. Inpatient hospital consults are also conducted onsite to assure a well-rounded experience in allergy and immunology.

KU Medical Center features a robust system-wide electronic medical record system, O2, a product from Epic Systems Corporation.

Last modified: Jun 27, 2014

Policy & Procedure Manual

How to apply for the Rheumatology Fellowship

For more information, contact:
Kelley Hinshaw, B.S. 
Allergy and Rheumatology Fellowship Program Coordinator