Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this page will answer any questions you have about the Integrative Medicine program at the University of Kansas Medical Center. If you have additional questions about whether our services are right for you, please call 913-588-6208 or email us at  Stones shaped into question mark

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Can I make an appointment for my relative, spouse or friend if they give me their permission?

Patients should speak directly to our patient service representative. While friends and family have good intentions, the patient must be interested and willing to participate in the consultation.


What types of services does Integrative Medicine provide?

In addition to our comprehensive medical services, we provide services such as acupuncture, neurofeedback and nutrition counseling.


Do the doctors prescribe bioidentical hormones (also known natural hormones)?

Yes, but you still need to see a gynecologist for your annual Woman Wellness exam.


Can any of your doctors be my Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

No. Patients who see one of our physicians should also have a Primary Care Physician (PCP).


Do you accept my insurance? Medicaid? Medicare?

Unfortunately, no. Our physicians are alternative medicine physicians. Most types of health insurance, and Medicaid and Medicare, do not currently cover alternative medicine.


If your physicians are "in network" for my insurance, why can't I use my insurance?

When our physicians provide services in the integrative medicine clinic, they are classified as alternative medicine physicians. Alternative medicine services are not covered under most traditional health insurance plans.


Can I try to get reimbursed from my insurance company for the procedure costs?

Out-of-pocket procedure costs include clinic consults, infusion clinic services and some testing. Following any appointment in our clinic, you will get a copy of the charge sheet and receipt. You may submit a claim to your insurance company, but the Integrative Medicine department does not submit to insurance on behalf of their patients.

I hear that the doctors recommend a variety of different tests that a conventional doctor doesn't normally do. Are those tests covered by insurance?

Any blood work you have done at an outpatient lab is run through insurance by that particular lab. It is the patient's responsibility to know what his/her insurance plan covers. If you have a large deductible, please inquire about the cost of the blood tests you are being advised to take.


Do I have to use the hospital's outpatient lab for blood work?

We recommend completing your blood work at the Outpatient Lab at KU Medical Center because staff members are familiar with processing tests requested by our doctors You may also choose to have your blood work done at whichever lab is preferred by your insurance company.


Can I bring someone with me to the consult?

You may bring someone to the consultation with whom you are comfortable and who will not hinder your ability to talk freely and honestly.


Can the doctors answer questions via email?

Integrative Medicine is no longer taking patient medical questions via email.  Your questions can be sent via MyChart or by phone.  If you are not a patient and have a general question about our services you may call our office or email


Last modified: Jun 06, 2018