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Combining the best therapies

Integrative medicine is the use of therapies generally not considered to be part of conventional medical care. As defined by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at the National Institute of Health (NIH), integrative medicine can incorporate:

  • Biomedical practices such as vitamins, minerals or other natural products
  • Mind-body therapies like yoga or acupuncture
  • Manipulative and body-based practices like chiropractor or massage
  • Movement therapies such as pilates or Qi gong

At KU Integrative Medicine, we focus on biomedical based therapies.  We combine the best therapies from conventional medicine with our integrative medicine approach. Integrative medicine practiced in this manner is a comprehensive system of medical care. One-on-one patient-doctor visits attempt to elicit the underlying story of the patient's journey from wellness to disease. We listen.
Based on the picture that emerges, testing is recommended. Testing may include:

  • Individualized genetics
  • Vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acid panels
  • Immune markers
  • Wide variety of hormone systems
  • Neurochemical imbalances
  • Toxicity presence

Tailored plans are developed for individual patients based on these findings. Services offered for the individualized plan could include:

  • Oral and intravenous vitamin and mineral therapies
  • Tailored nutrition intervention
  • Neurofeedback
  • Detoxification guidance

Practitioners at KU Integrative Medicine include physicians, a naturopathic doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse, certified neurofeedback technicians and registered dietitians.


Last modified: Apr 20, 2015
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Who wouldn't appreciate the gift of wellness? We offer gift certificates of any amount for any clinic service or combination of services:

• Consultations
• Infusions
• Neurofeedback
• Nutrition Counseling
• Cooking Classes

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