Tiffany Burch, CMA, BCN-T

Neurofeedback Technician
KU Integrative Medicine

Tiffany is a Certified Medical Assistant and is certified as a Neurofeedback Technician through the BCIA. She uses EEG to evaluate patients and with the help of Brain Science International, uses that assessment to provide individualized Neurofeedback for patients of all ages. Her goal for Neurofeedback is to apply it to understudied conditions to gain knowledge about the brain's ability to change, and therefore improve the overall quality of life for people.

As a mother of teenagers her free time is spent juggling an outrageous amount of kid type tasks, trying to make it to the lake whenever possible, she is always in the process of some sort of home improvement (or an idea floating around for one), and filling her husband's time with said home improvements.

Tiffany specializes in Neurofeedback and QEEG assessments to treat a wide variety of patient concerns such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Mood disorders
  • Concussion
  • and many more...


  • Neurofeedback
  • Neuromapping
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Hemoencepholography


  • Medical Assistant
  • EEG Biofeedback Assessment and Intervention


  • CPR certified
  • NRCMA, Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant
  • BCN-T, Board Certified in Neurofeedback Associate Fellow Technician
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Tiffany Burch, CMA, BCN-T
Neurofeedback Technician