Randall Evans, MS, RD, LD

Registered Dietitian
Medical Support Operations Manager
KU Integrative Medicine

BS, Business & Agricultural Business, Graceland University
BS, Dietetics, University of Central Missouri
MS, Nutrition & Dietetics, University of Kansas Medical Center

Randy is a registered dietitian/nutritionist with Integrative medicine at KU. Randy works alongside integrative medicine practitioners to provide personalized nutrition therapy for integrative patients who can have goals ranging from improving athletic performance to chronic disease care.  He works along with the integrative team to optimize the metabolism of patients with the goal of helping the body to function better. Nutrition is foundational in helping the body because as humans, we eat all day every day, the goal is to have the food we eat promote health.

Outside of seeing patients Randy works with his nutrition mentor Leigh Wagner to provide cooking classes and community presentations to help educate patients and the community on the health benefits of real/whole foods.

Randy's journey to integrative medicine comes from a lifelong interest in nutrition leading him to return to college for a second degree in Dietetics and then Master's of nutrition degree from KU. Having grown up on a dairy farm Randy has a background and degree in agriculture that predates many of our current/modern farming practices and shift in our food supply away from real/whole foods. Optimizing health and interest in athletes fuel Randy's ongoing interest in nutrition.

Away from KU Randy loves being outside and being active especially when the sun is out.


  • University of Kansas Medical Center, The Relationship Between Dietary Intake and Glutathione in Older Adults.  Cross sectional study to investigate nutrition, brain glutathione levels and cognition in living subjects with and without Alzheimer's Disease.  
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Randall Evans, MS, RD, LD
Registered Dietitian
Medical Support Operations Manager