About iROOTS

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Goals and Aims

Overall Goal
This online educational program will enhance the health of underserved populations, who struggle with costly medical conditions.

This will be achieved by delivering online integrative medicine education in a practice-based environment among interprofessional teams.

Organizational Structure


Organizational Chart

KUIM iROOTS Leadership:

Principal Investigator: Jeanne M Drisko, MD
Program Director: Angela Watson, MBA

Anna Esparham, MD
Ourania T Stephanopoulos-Chichura, MD
Randall Evans, RD
Cynthia Teel, PhD, RN, Online Education
Center for Interprofessional Education and Simulation
Teaching and Learning Technologies, Dave Antonacci, PhD, Director

KUIM iROOTS Faculty:




  • KUMC Internal Medicine
  • KUMC Family Medicine
  • KUMC Pediatrics
  • KUMC Psychiatry
  • KUMC Occupational Therapy Education
  • KUMC Dietetics & Nutrition
  • KUMC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services
  • KUMC Anesthesiology
  • KUMC Palliative Medicine
  • KUMC Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services
  • KUMC Teaching & Learning Technologies
  • CMH/UMKC Pediatric Dentistry
  • University of Western States
  • Midwestern University
  • AOMA
  • Bastyr University
  • Shrikant Anant, Research Lab
  • Riordan Clinic

Practice Sites

  • KU Integrative Medicine Clinic
  • Riordan Clinic
  • Others to be named

Executive Committee


  • Chet Johnson, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development


Underserved Stakeholders:
  • Myra Christopher, Kathleen M Foley Chair of the Center for Practical Bioethics
  • Jasper Fullard, MD, Founder of Black Heathcare Foundation
  • Allen Greiner, MD, MPH, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Health Disparities Scholar, KUMC

Additional Members:

  • Angela Watson, MBA, Program Director
  • Jeanne Drisko, MD, Riordan Professor and Director of KU Integrative Medicine
  • Cynthia Teel, PhD, RN, Professor
  • Daniel Redwood, DC, Professor, University of Western States
  • Joseph Pizzorno, ND, Professor Emeritus and Cofounder, Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Dave Antonacci, PhD, Director of Teaching & Learning Technologies, KUMC
  • Jared Raynor, MS, Evaluator
  • Dan Swagerty, MD, MPH, Professor of Family Medicine and Internal Medicine, Associate Director, Landon Center on Aging
  • John S Finnell, ND, MPH, LAc
  • 2 HRSA representatives

KUMC Support

  • Doug Girod, MD, Executive Vice Chancellor
  • Rick Barohn, MD, Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Paul Terranova, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration, KUMC, Executive Director, KUMC Research Institute, Inc
  • Robert Simari, MD, Executive Dean, School of Medicine, KUMC
  • Buddhadeb Dawn, MD, Vice Chair for Research, Dept. of Internal Medicine
  • Karen Miller,RN, PhD, FAAN, Senior Vice Chancellor & Dean, School of Nursing
  • Kristy Johnson, MSW, Program Director, Center for Interprofessional Education and Stimulation, KUMC
  • Lori Roop, MBA, Assistant Dean, Graduate Medical Education
  • Katherine Kelly, Executive Director, CultivateKC
  • Hidaka/Ward KUMC Food is medicine


Last modified: May 11, 2015