Recommended Course Sequence for Part-Time Students

Part-time students also begin the MHSA program in the fall semester. Course sequencing for part-time students should follow the plan outlined below. Students should complete Level I Courses before taking Level II courses and then should complete Level II courses before taking Level III courses. The Capstone Seminar, HP&M 861, will be completed during the student's last semester of study.

Part-time students should work closely with the MHSA program Student Services Manager in planning their specific course sequences to insure timely completing of Program requirements.

Level I Courses

HP&M 810: The Health Care System (3)

HP&M 822: Health Care Economics (3)

HP&M 858: Health and Social Behavior (3)

HP&M 859 Professional Development (1)

Level II Courses

HP&M 819: Research for Health Care Leaders (3)

HP&M 825: Financial Concepts in Healthcare Management (3)

HP&M 827: Financial Applications in Healthcare Management (3)

HP&M 831: Reimbursement and Fiscal Policy (2)

HP&M 832: Governance and Health Law (2)

HP&M 833 Ethics (2)

HP&M 846: Managing Information Systems and Technology (3)

HP&M 848: Designing Health Care Organizations (2)

HP&M 850: Introduction to Operations (3)

HP&M 852: Strategy Marketing (2)

HP&M 853 Strategic Management (2)

HP&M 854: Human Resources and Workforce Development (3)

HP&M 860: Graduate Internship in Health Services Administration (2)

BIOS 704: Statistics for Decision Making

Level III Courses

HP&M 837: Health Policy (3)

HP&M 840: Organizational Foundations for Leading Change (3) OR HP&M 830 Health Care Management

HP&M 861: Capstone Seminar (2)

Elective (3)

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