Health Information Management/Health Policy and Management Degree Program "Bridge"

Program overview

The joint Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management/Master of Health Services Administration Program (BSHIM/MHSA) is offered through the Department of Health Policy and Management and the Department of Health Information Management at the University of Kansas. The joint program allows students to achieve both degrees in five years (on a full-time basis).

Students pursuing the BSHIM/MHSA option will be prepared to assume management and executive positions in health-related organizations (e.g., hospitals, managed care organization, health information system developers and vendors, and pharmaceutical companies) and to bring their expertise in health information management to these positions. Today, as never before, the health care sector is under tremendous pressure to significantly elevate its ability to control, organize, and manage its information resources in efforts to make health care safer and more affordable. Successfully addressing these challenges will depend on individuals who are well trained in the fields of health information management and health services administration.

BSHIM/MHSA Curriculum

Prior to entering the BSHIM Program on the KUMC campus, students must complete the following pre-requisite coursework: Composition, Composition and Literature, Technical Writing, Speaker-Audience Communication, Principles and Biology (with lab), Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Financial Accounting, General Psychology, Elements of Sociology, six hours of humanities coursework, and twenty-four hours of elective coursework. A minimum of sixty-three hours of completed coursework is required for entry into the BSHIM Program.

The following outlines coursework in Years 3, 4, and 5 of the BSHIM/MHSA Program. This coursework would be taken on the KUMC campus. Year 3 would consist of BSHIM courses, while Years 4 and 5 would be a mixture of BSHIM and MHSA coursework and Year 5 would be composed of MHSA courses.

MHSA Degree Requirements

These courses comprise the current joint curriculum. The faculty may make curriculum changes from time to time.

Year 3, Fall Term (18 hrs)
HEIM 325: Pharmacology (2)
HEIM 330: Medical Terminology (3)
HEIM 340: Introduction to Information Systems (4)
HEIM 360: Record Documentation Systems (3)
HEIM 380: Principles of Health Care Management (4)
HEIM 415: Healthcare Delivery Systems (2)

Year 3, Spring Term (12 hrs)
HEIM 574: Applied Statistics, Research Methods and Analysis in Healthcare (3)
HEIM 435: Pathophysiology for Health Professionals (3)
HEIM 480: Human Resource Management (3)
HEIM 525: Database Management (3)

Year 4, Fall Term (14 hrs)
HEIM 510: Professional Practice Experience I (1)
HEIM 520: Legal Aspects of Healthcare (4)
HEIM 560: Coding and Classifications Systems I (3)
HEIM 590: Knowledge Management (3)
HP&M 858: Health and Social Behavior (3)

Year 4, Spring Term (16 hrs)
HEIM 580: Reimbursement (3)
HEIM 604: Professional Practice Experience II (2)
HEIM 660: Coding and Classification Systems II (3)
HEIM 665: Topics in Health Information Management (2)
HEIM 680: Management Internship (3)
HP&M 846: Managing Information Systems and Technology (3)

Summer Between Years 4 and 5 (2 hrs)
HP&M 853: Strategic Management (2)

Year 5, Fall (12 hrs)
HP&M 825: Financial Concepts in Healthcare Management (3)
HP&M 848: Designing Health Care Organizations (3)
HP&M 822: Health Care Economics (3)
HP&M 837 Health Policy (3)
HP&M 859: Professional Development (1)

Year 5, Spring (15 hrs)
HP&M 827: Financial Applications in Healthcare Management (3)
HP&M 840: Organizational Foundations for Leading Change (3)
HP&M 842: Strategic Marketing (2)
HP&M 833: Ethics (2)
HP&M 852: Strategy Development and Marketing (3)
HP&M 861: Capstone Seminar (2)

Year 5, Summer (3 hrs)
HP&M 860: Graduate Internship in Health Services Administration (2)

Total hours required for Joint BSHIM/MHSA = 97 credit hours


Admission Requirements

The BSHIM Program will recruit students for the BSHIM/MHSA Program, with the understanding that applicants to the joint degree program must be able to be competitively admitted to the MHSA Program. Students who desire to be admitted to the BSHIM/MHSA program will make application during their junior year, so that they are admitted by the summer between their junior and senior years. Application requirements will include: a transcript that displays a grade point average of at least 3.00; a resume; a personal statement as specified by the MHSA Program; and three letters of reference (one of which must be from the BSHIM Program Director).

For more information

Deb Lewis,
Department of Health Policy and Management
University of Kansas Medical Center
5008 Student Center
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Kansas City, KS 66160

Last modified: Apr 18, 2015