Joint Degree Program in Master of Health Services Administration and Doctor of Medicine: Current KUMC Medical Students


The joint Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) degree program is offered through the Department of Health Policy and Management and School of Medicine at the University of Kansas. The joint program allows current KUMC medical students to achieve both degrees in five years.The MSHA portion of the curriculum combines social science and business content in the context of health care and prepares students for management and leadership positions in health care organizations. As the health care environment becomes more complex and competitive, administrative skills will be extremely important to individuals starting careers in medicine or those seeking to enhance their current careers.

MD/MHSA Curriculum

Students in the MD/MHSA Program complete requirements for the MD degree, as specified by the School of Medicine. Current KUMC medical students have two options for completing the MHSA portion of the joint degree: (a) in the year between years two and three of the medical school curriculum or (b) in a year between years three and four of the medical school curriculum.Students applying to medical school may start the program the year prior to the start of medical school and complete the remaining MHSA courses during subsequent years of the medical school curriculum, should they be accepted.The total time for completion of the MD/MHSA Program is five years.

MHSA Degree Requirements

The following courses (totaling 39 credits) comprise the current MHSA portion of the joint curriculum. 

HP&M 810 The Health Care System (3)
HP&M 819 Research for Health Care Leaders (3)
HP&M 822 Health Care Economics (3)
HP&M 825 Financial Concepts in Health Care Management (3)
HP&M 830 Healthcare Management (3)
HP&M 831 Reimbursement and Fiscal Policy (2)
HP&M 832 Governance and Health Law (2)
HP&M 833 Ethics (2)
HP&M 837 Health Policy (3)
HP&M 846 Health Information Technology Management (3)
HP&M 850 Introduction to Operations (3)
HP&M 858 Health and Social Behavior (3)
Electives (6 credit hours from the list below)
HP&M 827 Financial Applications in Healthcare Management
HP&M 852 Strategic Marketing
HP&M 853 Strategic Management
HP&M 854 Human Resources and Workforce Development
HP&M 860 Graduate Internship in Health Services Administration
HP&M 862 Research Practicum in Health Services Administration
HP&M 876 Medicare and Medicaid
HP&M 880 Health Care and Social Policies in Sweden and Finland
HP&M 876 Medicare and Medicaid
BIOS 704 Principles of Statistics in Public Health
PRVM 809 Introduction to Public Health
Other approved graduate courses

MD/MHSA Admission Requirements

Current KUMC medical students interested in the joint MD/MHSA Program must apply and be accepted into the MHSA Program.
Pre-requisite: Undergraduate course in statistics prior to beginning MHSA coursework.

Application Requirements:

1.     A completed application for admission.

2.     A non-refundable application fee ($60 for domestic and international applicants)

3.     Official transcripts of all previous academic work beyond the secondary level. To be admitted as a regular graduate student,                 applicants must have not less than a B average GPA (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) overall. 

4.     Names and emails of three references.

5.     An official copy of the GRE or MCAT.

6.     A personal statement, (two pages maximum) to include rationale for pursuing graduate education in health services                             administration as well as career objectives.

7.     A current resume.

8.     An admissions interview, offered to all competitive applicants.

NOTE: Successful applicants who are current KUMC medical students must have completed the first semester of medical school with not less than a 3.0 grade point average. Applicants applying to medical school must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of a 3.0. Students on a "reduced load" School of Medicine curriculum will be ineligible to apply to the joint MD/MHSA Program. The Department of Health Policy and Management reserves the right to limit the number of students admitted to the MD/MHSA program per year.

Continuation of KUMC Medical Students in the MD/MHSA Program

Current KUMC medical students must remain in good academic standing in both the MD and MHSA Programs to continue in the joint program. In the MHSA Program, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average. In the MD Program, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average and must pass Step I of the USMLE. If students do not pass the USMLE step I in May or June, they will be removed from the MHSA Program until they re-take and pass the USMLE I, and they will be delayed in their MD/MHSA curriculum. Students must complete their MD degree before they will be awarded the MHSA. Any student in good standing who does not complete their MD will have to take the MHSA coursework that was waived as a result of admission to the Joint Degree Program.

For more information, please contact:

Deb Lewis
Student Support Manager
Department of Health Policy and Management
University of Kansas Medical Center
5001 Student Center- Mail Stop 3044
Kansas City, KS 66160

Last modified: Sep 12, 2016