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Tracey LaPierre, PhD

Associate Professor
PhD, Duke University

Research Focus

Health Policy, Systems of Health Care, Social Determinants of Health.

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. LaPierre received a PhD in Sociology from Duke University and a graduate certificate in Public Health Policy from the Terry Sanford Institute at Duke University.  She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at KU and is affiliated with both the Department of Health Policy and Management and the Gerontology Center.   

Growing up in Canada, Dr. LaPierre experienced a system of health care very different than the U.S. Her experience adjusting to the U.S. system, and seeing the misinformation about the Canadian system portrayed in the U.S. media prompted her to study these two systems in more depth.  The results of this work were published in the Journal of Health Care Finance.  Her first-authored 2009 article "Estimating the Impact of State Health Insurance Mandates on Premium Costs in the Individual Market," published in the Journal of Insurance Regulation, won the 2009 Spencer L. Kimball Article Award.  More recently, Dr. LaPierre has examined gender disparities in the career advancement of healthcare managers with Dr. Mary Zimmerman, and is currently working with Dr. Jean Hall and Dr. Mary Zimmerman to develop a new line of research investigating the psycho-social, medical, and societal factors that influence the childbearing decisions of women with disabilities.  She also conducts research on how our interpersonal relationships influence health, and how health influences our interpersonal relationships. 

Dr. LaPierre has expertise in a variety of quantitative methods, as well as experience collecting and analyzing qualitative data.  She believes in an inter-disciplinary approach to research and has served on master's and doctoral committees in departments across the University including Sociology, Health Policy and Management, Nursing, Gerontology, Social Welfare, Psychology and the Law School. 

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018

Tracey LaPierre, PhD


Tracey LaPierre, PhD
Associate Professor