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Glendon Cox, MD, MHSA, MBA

MD, University of Kansas
MHSA, University of Kansas
MBA, University of Kansas

Curriculum Vitae


A native of southeast Kansas, Dr. Cox has strong and deep KU roots. He attended the University of Kansas in Lawrence and obtained his BA degree in Chemistry in 1977. It was during his sophomore year at the university that he decided to pursue a career in medicine. He completed his MD degree in May 1980 and was accepted for postgraduate training in radiology. Upon completion of his residency, Dr. Cox was recruited to join the faculty and staff of the University of Kansas School of Medicine and Hospital. Cox was promoted to Associate Professor in July 1987 and was awarded tenure the following year.

In 1990, Dr. Cox became one of the three founding partners of a newly organized private practice of radiology in the Kansas City metropolitan area, Overland Park Radiologists, PA. In early 1993, Dr. Cox returned to the university as a Professor of Radiology and Medicine and Head of the Section of Thoracic Radiology. Cox was asked to take the position of Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education in January 1996, and became Vice Dean in 2001. He was appointed Interim Chair of Health Policy and Management, and Director of the Institute of Community and Public Health, in July 2008.  In May 2009 he was appointed Chair and served in that position until September 2014.

Always interested in the business, legal, and management issues surrounding the practice of radiology outside the academic setting, Dr. Cox completed master’s degrees in both business administration and health services administration in 2004.

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Glendon Cox, MD, MHSA, MBA


Glendon Cox, MD, MHSA, MBA

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