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Visitors, Study Participants and Patients

Physically, Hoglund Brain Imaging Center is a freestanding building located on the KU Medical Center campus close to the University of Kansas Hospital. HBIC has its own dedicated parking area that provides optimal access for the many outpatient studies to be carried out. The center is adjacent to the Animal Research Facility, a geography that facilitates straightforward transport of animals for studies. With a building footprint of 11,500 square feet, the HBIC provides ample space for all activities associated with the proposed research studies. In particular, office space is provided for center research scientists as is additional space (on a rotating basis) for collaborating scientists carrying out research studies at HBIC. Within the center are subject areas including changing rooms, consultation rooms for discussing studies, obtaining consent, and debriefing following research studies, and clinical space for nursing support, participant preparation such as placing venous lines for injections and preparation for MEG studies.

Current Research Focus Areas

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Diabetes and Oxidative Stress
  • Disorders and Motivational Behavior
  • Anxiety
  • Alzheimer's Disease, Aging and Memory Program
  • Fetal and Maternal Health
  • Obesity & Smoking
  • Stroke

For more information on specific research studies and how to participate, please contact us at 913-588-9070.

Campus Map and Directions



Last modified: Sep 28, 2018