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Resources for Researchers

Research Activities

The HBIC carries out investigator-initiated research activities sponsored by such agencies as the National Institutes of Health, other external/federal funding agencies, and private funding entities including pharmaceutical and device companies. The center also carries out contract research/clinical trials under contract to pharmaceutical and device companies.

Study initiation at HBIC

HBIC supports individual researchers to carry out studies at the Hoglund Brain Imaging Center. Investigators looking to start new studies or submit a new grant proposals involving HBIC should complete and submit this form one and a half months before the anticipated project start date or funding agency deadline. A committee at HBIC will review each project or proposal and provide feedback to the Principal Investigator in a timely manner.

The Hoglund Brain Imaging Center is committed to providing support to KUMC faculty and area researchers. Limited funding is available to those interested in collecting pilot data at HBIC for research projects that fit the mission of the center. Preference will be given to researchers

  • Who can offer some matching support;
  • Whose projects are deemed to have a high likelihood of success at achieving funding at the federal level; and
  • Whose projects will in turn provide further support for the Hoglund program at large
  • Contact the HBIC Director for more details

Research Safety and Compliance:

For more information on human subjects' protection, animal research protection and general research compliance, please refer to the KUMC Office of Compliance web site at and the KUMC Research Institute web site.

Other resources and facilities available to researchers at KUMC/KUL:

Grant proposal preparation and processing

For new proposals and competing renewals, please complete and submit this form one and a half months before the anticipated project start date or funding agency deadline.

  1. Subcontracts
    These are administered through an agreement with the KUMC Research Institute. The subcontract should detail the scope/statement of work to be performed at the collaborating/contracting institution. It should also detail the budget with salary support for key personnel, research supplies, imaging charges (where applicable) and any other research-related expenses. Facilities and Administrative (F&A) charges also should be included where applicable. A detailed budget justification will also be required.
  2. Subcontract processes and procedures
    Documents needed:
    • Statement of work
    • Budget
    • Budget justification
    • Institutional letter of commitment
  3. Fringe and overhead rates
    The current DHHS negotiated F&A rate is 51 percent of modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC). Fringe benefits are calculated at 32 percent of salaries requested for faculty and staff and at 2 percent for students. Please refer to the KUMC Research Institute web pages for more information on the most up-to-date fringe and F&A rates.

    For more information on proposal preparation and processing, visit the KUMC Research Institute web page.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018