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Campus Map and Directions


  1. From I-70 or I-35, exit on US 169 south toward Seventh Street Trafficway/Rainbow Boulevard.
  2. Proceed south on US 169/Seventh Street Trafficway/Rainbow Boulevard.
  3. Turn left (east) on 39th Street and take the next left (north). HBIC is the second building on the right. 


Parking for participants
All study participants should park in front of the HBIC building in the reserved spots. If parking in front of the building is unavailable, the study participant can park in the blue lot to the north side of the HBIC building.  In the event that the study participant receives a parking violation citation/ticket, please let Melinda King know.  She will work with the parking authority to have this validated.  HBIC is unable to assist with validating tickets resulting from parking on the street. Research personnel should discourage their study participants from parking on the street.

Parking for study coordinators
Study coordinators will be responsible for communicating parking logistics to their study participants prior to arrival at HBIC.

KU Lawrence research personnel and Students
Members of study teams from KU Lawrence should park in the KUMC parking lot that corresponds to their parking sticker. Most KU-Lawrence students will have yellow tags and should therefore park in KUMC yellow parking lots.

Other Non-KUMC Study Teams (e, g. UMKC)
All other non-KUMC research personnel (e.g. UMKC) should park in the blue employee parking lot to the north side of the building. In the event that they receive a ticket for parking in the blue lot, they should bring it to Melinda King and she can assist them with getting it validated.


Locate the campus/get directions on an Interactive Google Map
Hoglund Brain Imaging Center
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018