Who to contact for more information

General Inquiries

HBIC Front Desk, 913-588-9070

Information on Administrative/Financial, Grants, Contracts, Volunteer opportunities

Justine Karungi, MBA, FACHE
Assistant Director
913-588-9067, jkarungi@kumc.edu

Research opportunities at HBIC /Pilot studies, Study initiation

William Brooks, Ph.D.,
Professor and Director, HBIC
913-588-9075, wbrooks@kumc.edu

Justine Karungi, MBA, FACHE
Assistant Director
913-588-9067, jkarungi@kumc.edu


Study initiation at HBIC, pilot studies, and scan subsidies

William Brooks, Ph.D.
Professor and Director, HBIC and 3T MRI Core
913-588-9075, wbrooks@kumc.edu

Laura Martin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director, Structure and Function Unit
913-588-7279, lmartin2@kumc.edu


Kathleen Gustafson, R. EP T., Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor and Director, Neurophysiology Core
913-588-0065, kgustafson@kumc.edu

Structural MRI/MRS

In-Young Choi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director, Metabolic Imaging Unit

913-588-0174, ichoi@kumc.edu

Phil Lee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor  and Director, MR Methods and Technology Unit
913-588-0454, plee2@kumc.edu

Animal Imaging

Janna Harris, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor and Director, Animal Imaging
913-588-9076, jharris2@kumc.edu

Scheduling scans on the 3T Skyra MRI scanner, faxing/emailing study protocols and consent forms

Frank Hunsinger,R.T. (R) (MR) ARRT
MRI Technologist
913-588-9090, fhunsinger@kumc.edu

MEG and Ultra Sound Scheduling

Danielle Christifano, Ph.D., Core Manager
913-588-3140, dchristifano@kumc.edu

KUMC accounts, calendar access, data analysis computer/VPN access, incident reporting, storage of study supplies, budgeting, billing information

Justine Karungi, MBA, FACHE
Assistant Director
913-588-9067, jkarungi@kumc.edu

Data access/storage, XNAT access

Rebecca Lepping, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
913-588-0287, rlepping@kumc.edu

HBIC nurse, study participant prep room scheduling

Sara Touchette,
MA/Study Coordinator
913-588-4373, stouchette@kumc.edu
Prep room phone number: 913-945-7893

ILAB access, accounts, Room scheduling and parking related information

Melinda King
Administrative Assistant
913-588-9070, mthorp@kumc.edu

Pamela Hansen
Senior Coordinator
913-588-0045, phansen4@kumc.edu

Last modified: Apr 12, 2018