HBIC Overview

The Hoglund Brain Imaging Center (HBIC) is located on the University of Kansas Medical Center campus, near the University of Kansas Hospital. This remarkable resource is housed in a freestanding building designed to provide an environment for integrated research and clinical activity. The HBIC provides an outstanding imaging capability that complements the existing neuroscience programs at KUMC and programs in the larger University of Kansas (KU) and Kansas City community. HBIC faculty bring outstanding skills and experience, using a unique collection of neuroimaging equipment that facilitates translational research from bench to bedside, across the age span, and across animal species from rodent to human. HBIC brings together center scientists with a range of experience including magnetic resonance and magnetoencephalography as well as the computational skills required to exploit these new technologies for the study of the central nervous system. The HBIC also brings together scientists from diverse disciplines such as Neurology, Neurosurgery, Radiology, Physiology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Physics, Engineering, Computing, Biochemistry, and Anatomy in a highly collaborative and integrative environment.

Last modified: Aug 31, 2016