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Frequently Asked Questions

glass of milk

The MILK Study

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Who is eligible to participate?

  • Female or male ages 60 to 89
  • In good health
  • Be able to complete MRI scans
  • No diet restrictions to dairy
  • Body weight within a normal to slightly obese range (BMI: 18.5 – 35 kg/m2)
  • Currently drink no more than one cup of milk per day
  • Light or non-smoker

Are there any safety concerns?

  • MRI is a highly safe imaging method that does not involve exposure to radiation.
  • Milk consumption has few potential side effects (irritable stomach, etc.)

Do I have to drink milk?

  • Those in the milk drinking group (about 70 percent of participants) will consume three cups of milk per day.
  • Those in the control group should consume one cup of milk or less per day.
  • Your group is assigned at random and only at the beginning of your participation.

Can I change groups once assigned?

  • To assure validity of the study you may not change to the other group once assigned.

What if I want to quit the study?

  • You may quit the study at any time.

What are the time commitments for this study?

  • Participation in this study lasts three months and includes five visits.
  • Visits will range from 30 minutes to three hours in length.
  • During the study, a study team member will call you on a weekly basis. Phone calls should take about 10 minutes.

What kind of milk will I consume?

  • The one percent milk is free and comes from local grocers.

How do I get the milk to drink?

  • Milk can be picked up or delivered.

Is my privacy protected?

  • Yes, KU Medical Center cares about protecting your identifiable information and strictly adheres to all applicable laws regarding your privacy.
  • In the United States, your Personal Health Information (PHI) is protected by various laws including HIPAA.
  • All studies at KU Medical Center are approved by an Institutional Review Board and Human Subjects Committee which oversee research compliance with laws, protocols and codes of conduct.

Where is the imaging center?

  • Hoglund Biomedical Imaging Center is located at 2021 W. 38th Ave., Kansas City, KS 66103 on the campus of the University of Kansas Medical Center. Parking is free in front of the building.
Map showing where Hoglund Brain Imaging building is located
Last modified: Feb 07, 2020