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COPE Study

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Researchers at KU Medical Center are currently inviting smokers to participate in a study to learn how practicing delaying having a cigarette affects the brain. Participants will have their smoking behavior monitored but will not be asked to quit smoking. Each participant will also have two MRIs, once at the beginning of the study and once at the end. The study is led by Dr. Laura Martin at the University of Kansas Medical Center and is supported by the American Cancer Society.

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Purpose of COPE

The COPE study is measuring the effects of practicing delaying smoking cigarettes versus not practicing at all. Previous studies have shown that practicing delaying smoking cigarettes may help people eventually quit smoking.

By doing this study, we hope to learn if practicing delaying smoking cigarettes causes changes in the brain that should make it easier for people to quit smoking.

What does "COPE" stand for?

COPE stands for CO (carbon monoxide) Practice Experiment. Carbon monoxide is one of the harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke. It remains present in the lungs of a person who has smoked a cigarette long after they are finished smoking. It can be detected in a smoker’s exhaled breath using a special handheld device called a CO monitor.


If you decide to participate, you will be randomly assigned to one of two conditions. In one condition, you will be asked to delay smoking your first cigarette in the morning. In the other condition, you will only be asked to monitor your smoking. You will not be assigned to one of these conditions until after your first brain scan, which takes place 1 week after enrollment in the study.

What to expect during the COPE study

If you are eligible and decide to participate in this study, your participation will last from the time you enroll until you have completed 3 weeks of monitoring your smoking and 2 brain scans. You will have three total visits to Hoglund Biomedical Imaging Center.

Diagram: First visit is enrollment then 1 week of monitoring then scan and randomization then 2 weeks of practice or no practice and final debriefing visit

Location of study visits

All study visits will be at Hoglund Biomedical Imaging Center on the University of Kansas Medical Center campus in Kansas City, Kansas.


You will be given a ClinCard, which works like a debit card. This is to cover the costs of transportation and to partially compensate you for the time required to participate in the study.

Visit 1
(1 week)
Visit 2
(2 weeks)
Visit 3
Return CO
$10 Up to $70 $15 Up to $140 $15 $100 Up to $350

Are you interested in participating or have questions?

Contact us by phone, 913-588-0173, email us at, or go to to fill out our online eligibility survey.

Click here to fill out the online eligibility survey

Last modified: Feb 07, 2020
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