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Student Enrichment Experience

The Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine wrapped up two 
successful Student Enrichment experience week (SER) on medical history,
ethics and medical humanities. The students explored humane perspectives
on medicine, using the tools of bioethics and the history of medicine.
Experience in the medical humanities helps to foster deeper appreciation for
empathy and professionalism within medicine, while cultivating skills in critical
reasoning and an appreciation of the ambiguous application of biomedical
science to the art of medicine.

The Enrichment experience provides preclinical medical students (those in
the first 2 years of medical school) with the opportunity to explore medicine
beyond the classroom. When choosing Enrichment experiences, students
are encouraged to follow their natural curiosity about the art and science
of medicine. The intent is that students will grow personally and professionally
through these enrichment experiences.

Week 9 of each Block will be the Enrichment week (i.e., Scholarship, 
Enrichment, Remediation or SER week). There are 7 total Enrichment
weeks during the preclinical years- 4 in M1 year and 2 in M2. 

Last modified: Jan 06, 2020