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Samuel T. Darling and histoplasmosis

Samuel Taylor Darling (1872-1925) was chief of the Board of Health Laboratories in Panama during the construction of the canal (1905-1914). Among his many contributions in pathology and parasitology to the world literature on tropical diseases, his discovery of histoplasmosis in Panama in 1905 was one of the most important. He also performed more than 4,000 autopsies among canal workers and authored more than 200 publications on tropical diseases. Andrew Balfour, first director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and president of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, called Darling “the outstanding tropical pathologist and parasitologist of the United States.”

Samuel Taylor Darling, black and white portrait by Underwood & Underwood, New York. National Library of Medicine.

Samuel T. Darling at work with his microscope in Ancon Hospital, Panama. Samuel Taylor Darling Memorial Library, Canal Zone.

Samuel T. Darling and Board of Health Laboratories. Samuel Taylor Darling Memorial Library, Canal Zone.

Autopsy #252, notes by Samuel T. Darling on first case of histoplasmosis, dated December 7, 1905, Ancon Hospital. Samuel Taylor Darling Memorial Library, Canal Zone.

Drawing of histoplasma parasites by Darling. J.A.M.A. 1906; 46: 1284.

Darling Prize Medal, League of Nations and World Health Organization. Professor H. M. Gilles, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom.

Last modified: Mar 05, 2020