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Pearce Fellowship

The Eugene W. J. Pearce, M.D., and Lunetta A. Pearce, M.D., Fellowship in the History of Medicine

Purpose: Fellowships in the Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine are intended to attract scholars to the Clendening Library and the University of Kansas Medical Center Archives to carry out research projects in the history of medicine, nursing, allied health and related sciences. The department will grant fellowships to interested scholars whose research topics are well-suited to the varied collections housed in the library and archives.

The department accepts up to two fellowships per year to attract university faculty, postdoctoral researchers, independent scholars, and doctoral students in the dissertation stage of their degrees. Projects include, but are not limited to, historical research and documentation resulting in dissertations, publications, exhibitions, and documentaries.

Eugene Walker James Pearce, MD, and his wife, Lunetta Anna Memming Pearce, MD, were long-time supporters of the University of Kansas Medical Center's Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine. Their unique and enthusiastic approach to life and work enriched those in contact with them. The Eugene W. J. Pearce, M.D. and Lunetta A. Pearce, M.D. Fellowship in the History of Medicine has been established to honor their memory.

Clendening History of Medicine Library Holdings: The library offers a large collection of Western European medical books from the fifteenth through the twentieth centuries. The library holds extensive collections of nineteenth and twentieth-century British and American medical journals as well as secondary source material. Major features of the library's collections include:

  • Comprehensive compilations from the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries in the histories of pathology, cardiology, hematology, microscopy, electricity, radiology, Mesmerism, anesthesiology and orthopedics
  • Original writings of the nineteenth-century pathologist, Rudolf Virchow, including personal letters, documents, and manuscripts
  • Early modern anatomical works, botanicals, and materia medica
  • Original Florence Nightingale letters
  • Eighteenth and nineteenth-century British satirical medical prints
  • Materials related to Asian medicine including nineteenth-century Japanese anatomical illustrations and Chinese public health posters

University of Kansas Medical Center Archives Holdings: The archives house numerous documents pertaining to the institutional and administrative history of the medical center, as well as to local, regional and Kansas medicine. The Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health are included in the holdings. Unique holdings include:

  • The Spine and Orthopedic Historical Collections including lab notebooks, correspondence, and papers of notable orthopedists including Drs. Paul R. Harrington and Marc Asher1 
  • Early twentieth-century hospital and medical office patient records (1906-1920), which contain diagnoses, treatments and outcomes (many with hand-written physicians' and nurses' notes)
  • Materials related to institutional work in the areas of psychology, public health, and surgery
  • Early twentieth-century hospital and medical office patient records (1906-1920)

Duration and Support: The department will grant fellowships for a period of one week to a month. The amount of the fellowship will be $750.00 per week to cover expenses incurred while in residence. Scholars traveling from outside the Kansas City will receive an additional $500 travel stipend.

Application and Selection: Interested applicants must submit a curriculum vitae, two letters of support, and a brief prospectus of no more than 1000 words outlining their research project. Selection of fellows will be based on the decision of a committee.

Please direct all inquiries and submissions to:
Ryan Fagan, PhD
Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine
University of Kansas Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Boulevard, MS 1025
Kansas City, KS 66160-7311

1See, Beth Linker, "Prosthetic Imaginaries: Spinal Surgery and Innovation from the Patient's Perspective" in Thomas Schlich and Christopher Crenner, eds., Technological Change in Modern Surgery: Historical Perspectives on Innovation (Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press, 2017), 100-28.

Last modified: Apr 04, 2019