Past Clendening Summer Fellows

Clendening Summer Fellows, 2006

Toluwalase Ajayi AIDS Orphans in Nigeria Tell Their Stories
Amber Bledsoe An Observation and Evaluation of Universal Healthcare in Brazil
Tyler Buser American Indian Reservation Healthcare in New Mexico
Greg Isaac Universal Healthcare in France
Nick Krehbiel Traditional Medicine in Malawi
Abigail Maze HIV/AIDS, Uganda Village Project
Sean Pauzauskie Reunification and Healthcare in Berlin after 1989
Neal Peterson Responding to Natural Disasters in El Salvador
Stephanie Seiler Special Education Curricula in Wichita, Kansas, and Lima (Peru)
Jen Speigel Cancer Prevention and Screening: The Potential of Television News
Amanda Valliant Healthcare in Ghana: Triumphs and Challenges
Beverly Wilson A Historical and Present-Day Review of Laryngeal Dysfunction

Clendening Summer Fellows 2007

Kyle Brown The AIDS Epidemic in South Africa
Timothy Fendler Health Care Education for American Indians in Montana
Sushant Govindan Privatized vs Socialized Oncology in Kansas City and London
Anita Gupta Naturopathic Lifestyle & Intestinal Cancer
Kwame Gyasi Project STAY in Harlem
Leonid (Terry) Hansen Diplomat of Immunity in Ghana
Madhu Iyengar Cross Cultural Differences in Emergency Medical Care in Los Angeles
Rachel Moses Dance Medicine in New York City
Elise Schnose Health Care in Thailand
Deborah Scrafford Preparing Parents of Chronically Ill Children
Bradley Thompson Venezuelan Health Care Reform
Erica Ubben Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Survival Rates

Clendening Summer Fellows, 2008

Chuck Coffey Adventures in Chinese Medicine
Steve Hinkin Health Care on the Texas-Mexico Border
Simon Patton Homelessness in Washington, D.C.
Hang Pham Health Disparities in Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam
Kevin Wood HIV and Spirituality
Peniel Zelalem HIV among Ethiopian Americans: Influence of Culture and Travel on Risky Behaviors

Clendening Summer Fellows, 2009

Kourtney Bettinger JayDoc's Role in the Safety Net Community
Sarah Devlin The Fight against Adolescent HIV/AIDS in Harlem
Khanh Huynh A Social and Health Status Analysis of Latinos in Ecuador & Urban Chicago
Li Jia Attitudes toward Male Circumcision in China
April Leonardo Tibetan Medicine as Practiced in India, Tibet, and China
Neela Sandal Energy Healing in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese, and Western Medicine
Megan Spokes Adolescent Birth Control in an Urban (Chicago) Christian Setting

Clendening Summer Fellows, 2010

Lindsay Allan Observing Health Risk behaviors in Kansas City's Homeless Teens
Hilda Audardottir-Goulay How WHO is Expanding Access to Health Literature
Neil Bryan Without 911:Access to Acute Medical Care in Belize
Elizabeth Cathcart-Rake Quality of Life for Students of Different Abilities in Lima, Peru
Katie Grelinger Patterns of Alcohol Consumption in Hungary
John Hunninghake Social Support Services for Oncology Patients in Kansas City
Jenna Kennedy Observing Nutrition in Rural Guatemala
Katie McAnany The Role of Faith among Pediatricians in Mexico
Rehaan Shaffie Mobile Medicine and Barriers to Care
Zahra Shirazy Heroin Addiction in Mombasa, Kenya

Clendening Summer Fellows, 2011

Meghan Connolly A Wellness Initiative for Maternal and Perinatal Substance Abuse
John Meyer Using Geographic Information Systems to Manage the Forgotten Vital Sign
Rebecca Munro Women's Health in Poetry and Prose
Barbara Nguyen Vietnamese Perspectives of Physicians
Andy Patton Barriers and Opportunities in Prenatal Care for Inner City Women
Mariam Savabi A Universal VS a Private Model for Prenatal Health Care in Spain and the U.S.
John Stroh English Reformation and the Birth of London's Royal Hospitals

Clendening Summer Fellows 2012

Abeykoon, Jithma Insights into Ayrvedic Medicine in Sri Lanka
Whitney Clearwater An Educational Intervention for Mothers and Babies in Tema, Ghana
Georgina Green Caring for Bhutanese Patients in Kansas City
Miranda Greiner Healthcare Providers' Perspectives on Diabetes Mellitus in Rural Guatemala
Brady Lonergan Healthcare and the Role of the Orthodox Church in Byzantium
Rachel Myers Jewish Genetic Screening
Cecilia Scrafford Palliative Care and Hospice Medicine
Greg Stroh Attitudes of Healthcare Professionals and the Public toward Early Transplantation in Patients with Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis
Paul Teran Exploration of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
Christina Tippy Primary Care in Tanzania

Clendening Summer Fellows, 2013
Hannah Anderson
Women's Healthcare in a Syrian Refugee Camp
Christina Bourne Honduras, Blumenschein Clinic
Kirsten Devin The Giant Woke Up: A Forward-Looking Secondary Healthcare Model in Brazil
Jason Foster Modern Disease and Medicine in Peruvian Amazonia
Senushi Jayaratne Kansas and Oklahoma, Native American Healthcare
Kristen Meier Peru, Amazon Hope
Emily Miller KC, Interpreting Services Study
Claire Thomas Honduras, Blumenschein Clinic
Tony Zhou Feasibility and Acceptability of Interactive Digital Learning for Children with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1

Clendening Summer Fellows, and King Fellow 2014

Erin Atwood, Clendening Summer Fellow "Comparison of Early Education Programs for Children with Disabilities in Kansas, Missouri and Lima, Peru"Joel Burnett, Clendening Summer Fellow "A qualitative study of chronic pain patients engaged in the Relieving Pain in Kansas City initiative"Erin Eifler, Clendening Summer Fellow "Man's Best Friend: Therapy Animals in our Healthcare System"
Keenan Hogan, Clendening Summer Fellow "Investigating the Educational Potential of End-Of-Life Experiences"
Devin Kenney, Clendening Summer Fellow "The Reality of a Treatable Disease: Assessing the Burden of Malaria on the Pothawira Clinic in Malawi, Africa"Tequilla Manning, Clendening Summer Fellow "Costa Rican Sex Workers' Risk Behaviors and Attitudes Toward Government Regulation of Safe Sex Practices: An Exploratory Study"
Errin Mitchell, Clendening Summer Fellow "Visualizing the Unique Perspectives of Adolescents with Cancer: A Photovoice Pilot Study"
Sarah Scrafford, Clendening Summer Fellow "Quality of Life measurements at Bay Cliff Health Camp for Children with Physical Disabilities"
Andrea Sitek, King Fellow "A Community Divided Over Mountaintop Removal"
Viktoriya Tulchinskaya, Clendening Summer Fellow "Parisian End-of-Life Care: What Can We Learn?"
Margaret Wilkes, Clendening Summer Fellow "Student Reflections on Empathy: Incorporating Student Voices into Medical Education"

Clendening Summer Fellows (CSF), and King Fellow 2015
Caleb Busch (CSF) "Healthcare in Japan: Traditional Medicine Meets Frontier Medical Technology"
Anna Cleland-Leighton (CSF) "Upstream Risks Affecting Patients in KU's Inter-professional Teaching Clinic"
Amy Johnson (CSF) "Burden of Interpersonal Violence at Kingston Public Hospital Accident and Emergency Department"
Yvonne Kamau (CSF) "Youth Perceptions on Community Development in Rural Kenya: Re-evaluating our perceptions about Africa"
Sarah Kennedy (CSF) "Exploring the Health Care Encounter as an Opportunity to Reach Trafficked Women"
Jocelyn Matoon (King) "Medical Students, Stress, and the Strengths-Based Approach"
Anna Powers (CSF) "The Status of Female Genital Mutilation Prevention in Europe and a Look toward the Future"
Spencer Thiel (CSF) "Perspectives on Short-Term International Medical Trips"




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