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2015 Clendening Summer FellowsJocelyn Mattoon, 2015 King Fellow

The Clendening Summer Fellowship provides support for eight to ten medical students to pursue independent research between the first and second years of medical school. Successful fellows gain the opportunity to grow personally and professionally through individually created projects that explore the social, moral and historical dimensions of medicine and healing. With mentorship from faculty in the Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine and financial support from the program, students can choose to pursue their research either internationally or in the U.S..

Over the years, Clendening Fellows have studied such diverse topics as risk factors for HIV transmission in Addis Ababa; the use of traditional therapeutics in the Tibetan Autonomous region of China; the archeology of ancient Greek healing shrines; personal narratives as healing among children orphaned by AIDS in Nigeria; the sixteenth-century dissolution of parish hospitals under Henry VIII; heroin addiction and treatment programs in Mombasa, Kenya; oral histories of the integration of East and West German health systems in Berlin; integrated, geographical information systems as a guide for primary care medicine in the U.S.; and views and practices around contraception among evangelical, Christian physicians in Chicago.

To apply for a fellowship, students submit a formal proposal that includes a description of the project and its goals and methods, as well as a detailed budget and bibliography. Applications are due each year in February. Questions about the fellowship should be addressed to Dr. Tarris Rosell or Dr. Tomas Griebling, Co-Directors of the Clendening Summer Fellowship Program. The Wichita coordinators are Dr. Dennis Valenzeno and Dr. Michele Mariscalco



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