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Faculty Development

The faculty of the Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine teach medical students, residents, fellows and graduate students in the lecture hall, in seminars, in small discussion groups, and through interactions in self-directed interest groups. With more than seven decades collectively of teaching experience at the University level, the faculty relies primarily on peer-to-peer support and coaching to advance our educational goals. We review educational efforts at our monthly faculty meetings. In addition, we interact informally on a routine basis, sharing plans for lectures and assignments for advice and editorial review. In addition, the Chair of the department attends lectures by each faculty member each semester and provides informal and written feedback at least once a year specific to the content and delivery of a lecture. Each faculty member also meets yearly with the chair for a required comprehensive progress review that includes educational efforts and involves a face-to-face review and written evaluation.

The faculty of the Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine pursue research and scholarship on the history of medicine, medicine and society, narrative ethics, clinical ethics and literature and medicine.  Each member of the core faculty has an established research career warranting peer recognition at a national level. Our efforts to promote professional advancement, leadership and research excellence arise in part out of an atmosphere of collegial support and respect.  We read each other’s publications in manuscript and interact on an ad hoc basis around mutual interests in the medical humanities, ethics and the social sciences. The department hosts a monthly lunchtime research conference that features faculty works in progress.

Promotion and Tenure
The School of Medicine provides faculty members with numerous online professional development resources regarding Promotion and Tenure (P&T), beginning with the Annual Assessment process, so that a faculty member can see at a glance the expectations detailed in the official SOM guidelines. Visit the KU School of Medicine Faculty Mentoring web site for information.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
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