Tony Kovac, MD.

Kasumi Arakawa Professor of Anesthesiology

Department of Anesthesiology
University of Kansas Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Mail stop 1034
Kansas City, Kansas 66160

Phone: (913) 588-6670
Fax: (913) 588-3365


  • 1970-1974: B.A. Chemistry, St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO
  • 1974-1977: M.D. University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS
  • 1977-1978: Externship (Family Practice), Gardner Community Hospital, Gardner, KS
  • 1978-1979: Internship Rotating), Mercy Medical Center, Denver, CO
  • 1979-1981: Anesthesiology Residency, Univ. of Kansas Medical. Center, Kansas City, KS

Licensure and Certification

  • Kansas Medical License #04-18409; Missouri Medical License #R2B38
  • Diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology 9-30-83 (#11120)
  • American Board of Anesthesiology Recertification 8-15-09 (#11120)


Dept. of Anesthesiology, University of Kansas Med. Ctr., Kansas City, KS (1981-present)

Honors and Awards

  • Alpha Sigma Nu, 1973, St. Louis University
  • Summa cum Laude, 1974, St. Louis University
  • Chief Resident in Anesthesiology, 1981, University of Kansas Medical Center.
  • AMA Physician Recognition Award: 1987, 1990, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2004
  • Awarded the Kasumi Arakawa Professorship in Anesthesiology, January 1, 2003
  • 2008 Wood Library & Museum Rod Calverley Fellow in History of Anesthesiology, American Society of Anesthesiology, Park Ridge, IL
  • 2010 Eugene Pearce Fellowship in the History of Medicine, Clendening Library and Museum, University Of Kansas Med Ctr., Kansas City, KS

Research Experience

Participation in over 50 sponsored research studies over the past 25 years.

Oral Presentations

Kovac A." Motorcycles and Gas Machines: Anesthesia in World War One." History Panel. Anesthesia Goes to War, American Society of Anesthesiology annual meeting, San Diego, CA, October 18, 2010.

Kovac A, Hulston N, Holmes G, Holmes F. "Scottish-American influences of Base Hospital #28 in World War One." History of Anaesthesia Society annual meeting, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, June 2, 2011.

Abstracts and Poster Presenations

Kovac A. Antiemetic and analgesic use during the Lewis and Clark Expedition 1804-1806. Anesthesiology 2004; 101: A1305.

Kovac A. Choice of anesthetic technique for surgery at the front during World War I. Anesthesiology 2007; A404

Kovac A. Treatment of shock during World War One. Anesthesiology 2008; A1365.

Kovac A. Anesthesia apparatus and techniques of base hospital #28 from Kansas City during World War I. Anesthesiology 2009; A1358.

Kovac A. The influence of World War I on the development of American anesthesia in the 20th century. Anesthesiology 2009; A1364.

Kovac A. Anesthesia under canvas: John Shellito MD and the 77th evacuation hospital during World War 2. Anesthesiology 2009; A1355.

Kovac A, Stoeckel H, Strauch R. Comparison of United States (US) vs. German anesthesia during World War I. Anesthesiology 2010; A561.

Kovac A, Shephard D. Comparison of American anesthesia gas machines used in World War I. Anesthesiology 2010; A557.

Kovac A. Hulston N. Count back from 100: A century of anesthesia at the University of Kansas. Anesthesiology 2011: A933.

Kovac A. Horst Otto Stoeckel: clinician, researcher, Administrator, museum collector. Anesthesiology 2011: A929.

Kovac A. Concurrent contributing discoveries and innovations in the development of trauma anesthesia and resuscitation. Anesthesiology 2011: A928.

Manuscript Publications and Submissions

Kovac A, Hulston N, Holmes G, Holmes F. A brave and gallant company. A Kansas City hospital in France in the First World War. Kansas History 2009;32: 168-185.

Kovac A, Hulston N, Holmes G, Holmes F. Scottish American Leadership of World War

One Base Hospital #28 from Kansas City. (Submitted to the Proceedings of the History of Anaesthesia Society).

History Interests

I have served as a member (2009-2011) and chair (2-11-2012) of the Travel Awards Committee of the American Association for the History of Medicine.

I enjoy reading and studying World War One history, especially as regards the anesthesia and surgical aspects. I have collaborated with other members of the KUMC History of Medicine (Nancy Hulston, Drs Frederick and Grace Holmes) in researching the role of World War One Base Hospital #28 from Kansas City and the University of Kansas. I am helping Jason Gregory, a 3rd year medical student, work on a project entitled "Pathology and Treatment of Gas Injuries during World War One." He will present his findings at the Western Front Association annual meeting to be held at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio in February 2012.

I am interested in studying the history of anesthesia as the specialty developed at the end of the 19th and the first part of the 20th century with the influence of World War One and particularly early anesthesia pioneers such as Drs. Frederick Hewitt, James Gwathmey, Paluel Flagg, Ralph Waters and Arthur Guedel.

I am the Course Director for the 18th Annual Spring Meeting of the Anesthesia History Association which will be held in Kansas City, May 3-5, 2012. This meeting will be jointly sponsored by the Anesthesia History Association and the KUMC Department of Anesthesiology. Activities for participants will include a visit to the Clendening History of Medicine Library and Museum as well as a welcome dinner on Thursday, May 3, 2012. To find out more information about this meeting, please go to the web site:

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