Nancy Hulston, MA

Nancy Hulston, MA

Nancy Hulston, MA
Associate Professor Emeritus, History and Philosophy of Medicine 
Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine 
2025 Robinson
MS 1025
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City, KS 66160
(913) 588-7040 -- department
(913) 945-5091 -- office
(913) 588-7060 -- fax

Education and Training

  • University of Missouri – Kansas City:  BA in American History
  • University of Missouri – Kansas City:  MA in American History and Archives and Historical Agency Management

Research, Teaching and Servic

As Archives Director at KUMC I manage the archival materials deemed of permanent historical, legal and administrative value for the entire Medical Center.  This involves the collecting, organizing, arranging and preservation of files, photographs, blueprints, films and other materials pertaining to the history of the KU Medical Center and campus.

My duties as Museum Director involve the acquisition of donated artifacts, and the cataloguing and care of various works of art and three dimensional artifacts reflecting the history of medicine.  Represented are many items from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries pertaining to American medical practice with an emphasis on Kansas medicine.  The collection also contains artifacts from ancient civilizations such as Rome, Greece, Egypt, Babylonia, Etrusca and Asian countries.

Other responsibilities involve developing and presenting themed exhibits, and bringing in traveling exhibits, some of which are designed to complement KUMC’s Diversity Initiative.   This entails designing the exhibit and story line, installing the exhibit, label making and  publicity.  Outreach activities such as mentoring, guiding internships and providing traveling exhibits are also part of my responsibilities.

Other academic interests include local medical and political history, the history of animal assisted therapy  and the history African American health care in the Greater Kansas City area.

Selected Publications


  • 1992: Co-author, with Professor Lawrence H. Larsen, The University of Kansas Medical Center: A Pictorial History (published by the University Press of Kansas).
  • 1992: Assistant editor, with Marc A. Asher, M.D., The Collected Writings of Paul Randall Harrington, M.D. (Lowell Press).
    December 1997: Co-author, with Lawrence H. Larsen, Pendergast! (University of Missouri Press).


  • 2005 – Contributor: Pioneers and Visionaries: A KUMC Centennial Presentation
  • 2008 – Contributor: Medicine Under Canvas: A Documentary of the 77th Evacuation Hospital


  • July 1994: Co-author, with Professor Lawrence H. Larsen, "Through the Eyes of a Medical Student: A Window on Frontier Life in Kansas City, Missouri, 1870-1871" (published in the Missouri Historical Review, V. LXXXVII, No. 4).
  • Summer 1996: Author, "Our Schools Must Be Open to all Classes of People: The Desegregation of the University of Kansas School of Medicine, 1938" (published in Kansas History, V. 19, No. 2). This article received the Edgar Langsdorf Award for Excellence in Writing for 1996 from the Kansas State Historical Society.
  • 1996: “African-Americans in Medicine: The Founding of Douglass Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas,” The Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine Newsletter, V.1., No. 1., Spring 1996.
  • 1996: “African-Americans in Medicine: Thomas C. Unthank, M.D., A Flood, A Dream, A Hospital,” Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine Newsletter, V. 1., No. 2., Summer 1996.
  • 1997:  “African-Americans in Medicine:  ‘I Will Go Out of Here and Build a Hospital’: J. Edward Perry and the Origins of Wheatley-Provident Hospital,” The Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine Newsletter, V. 2., No. 1., Winter 1997.
  • 1997:  “Women in Medicine, A Profile: Kay Bell Wahl, Medical Illustrator,” Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine Newsletter, V. II, No. 3.
  • 2001:  “Going where no women had gone before,” KU Med Magazine, V. 51, No. 2.
  • 2004:  “Waiting for Archie:” The Adventures of a Therapy Dog.  The Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine Newsletter, V. VIII, No. 1.  University of Kansas Medical Center.
  • 2005:  “One Hundred Firsts: University of Kansas School of Medicine,” a centennial publication.
  • 2009:  “A Brave and Gallant Company: A Kansas City Hospital in France during the First World War,” published with Anthony Kovac, MD, Grace Holmes, MD, Fred Holmes, MD, Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains, Volume 32, Number 3, Autumn 2009.


  • 2000: Authored twelve short biographies for the Kansas City, Missouri, Public Library’s Special Collections website  The biographies included: Albert Isaac Beach, Ruby D. Garrett, Henry Francis McElroy, Guy Brasfield Park, James Francis Pendergast, J. Edward Perry, M.D., James Alexander Reed, Joseph B. Shannon, Bryce B. Smith, S.H. Thompson, M.D., Thomas C. Unthank, M.D., and Casimir John Joseph Michael Welch.
  • 2003: “A Prescription for Community Care: Thirty Years of Family Practice at the University of Kansas Medical Center,” web publication at


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