Frederick Holmes, MD, MA

Professor Emeritus

  • Professor, Department of the History and Philosophy of Medicine
  • Hashinger Distinguished Professor of Medicine Emeritus

Education and Training

  • College of Puget Sound, BS in Biology
  • University of Washington, MD with thesis honors
  • London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, DTM&H diploma
  • Malaya Government Officers' Chinese Language School
  • University of Kansas Medical Center, residency in Medicine and fellowship in Hematology
  • University of Kansas, MA in British History

Medical Practice

  • Lutheran Church Clinic, Menglembu, Perak, Malaya
  • Kansas City Veterans' Administration Hospital
  • University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Moshi, Tanzania


Continuously funded research, total about $6.5 million - mainly in cancer epidemiology - during the period 1973 through 2000, publication of 132 papers, book chapters, and books.

Selected Publications

Holmes FF, Fouts TL. Metastatic cancer of unknown primary site. Cancer 1970; 26: 816-20.
Holmes FF. Medical records in patients' hands. NEJM 1974; 290: 287.
Holmes FF, Holmes GE, Hassanein R. Performance of male and female medical students in a medicine clerkship. JAMA 1978; 239: 2259-62.
Holmes FF. Biology tutorial in Chinese. British Medical Journal 1979; 1: 1550.
Holmes FF. Aging and cancer. Recent Results in Cancer Research, vol 87. Berlin: Springer Verlag, 1983.
Holmes FF. Epidemiologische aspekte krebserkrankung im hohen lebensalter. In: Kark B, Werner H, eds. Krebs im alter. Darmstadt: Steinkopf Verlag 1987, 13-9.
Holmes FF, ed. Challenges and opportunities in Pediatric Oncology. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 1997; 824: 1-126.
Holmes FF. Anne Boleyn, the sweating sickness and the hantavirus: a review of an old disease with a new interpretation. Journal of Medical Biography 1998; 6: 43-8.
Holmes G, Holmes F, McMorrough J. The death of young King Edward VI. NEJM 2001; 345: 60-2.
Holmes FF. The Sickly Stuarts: The Medical Downfall of a Dynasty. London: Sutton Publishing, 2003.
Holmes F. Az amerikai Magyar együttmüködés rovid története. Gyermegyógyászat 2008; 59: 3.
Holmes F. Principles of Finance. The Economist 2009; 390: 20.


Many presentations in North America and presentations and visiting professorships in Australia, China, England, Germany, Hungary, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Scotland, Taiwan, and Tanzania.

Notable Achievements

At the end of the communist insurrection in Malaya (now Malaysia) organized and operated a system of medical clinics in the northern part of the country as a medical missionary of the Lutheran Church. Later, once again as a Lutheran medical missionary, served as Chairman of Medicine and Chief of Staff of the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, in Moshi, Tanzania. This large referral hospital has become the medical school of Tumaini University in Tanzania. After the Cold War, with grants and contracts from the U S State Department, reorganized Pediatric Oncology in Hungary and then reorganized the hospital-based medical system of Kyrgyzstan, in Central Asia. Created exchange programs between KUMC and Henan Medical University in China and Otto-Von- Guericke Medical School in Germany, the latter continues to this day.

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