The Writing Consult Center opened in August 2003. Designed specifically for medical professionals, its principal goal is to increase faculty productivity through training in writing skills and guidance on writing and editing grants and publications.

Dr. Martha Montello, Associate Professor, Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine, directs writing workshops and seminars that include peer training, small group sessions in which faculty members bring works-in-progress for help with everything from the nuts and bolts of good writing to editing the final product. She also provides individual assistance to faculty members working on manuscripts and grant proposals.

In one of the Center’s first projects, Dr. Montello worked with junior faculty members in the three-year Sunflower Clinical Scholars Program, a faculty development fellowship for the Departments of Family Medicine, Pediatrics, and the Division of General Internal Medicine (Department of Internal Medicine).

During the fall semester each year the Writing Consult Center offers a series of writing workshops for faculty. Dr. Montello teaches “The Basics of Good Writing: Style Mechanics, and Structure” and “The 3 C’s of Convincing Writing: Clarity, Coherence, and Credibility”. The spring writing series for faculty is more advanced and often includes guest speakers.

The Writing Consult Center is supported by the SOM Office of the Executive Dean, the SOM Office of Professional Development and Faculty Affairs and the Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine.

Last modified: Oct 05, 2012