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Find PMC Numbers


PMC numbers are assigned after a manuscript has been deposited in PubMed Central database repository. They are not the same as PMID numbers, which are assigned after an article has been indexed in PubMed. After opening an article in PubMed, scroll down to the end of the summary text; the number will be listed next to the PMID, on the right side (ex: PMCID: PMC4049568).

For more instruction on PMC numbers, please see this PowerPoint presentation, or visit this tutorial offered by the Dykes Library.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018

These resources will help you compile your grant application:

SPA budget template: This template is a general example; some grant mechanisms, such as fellowships or travel grants, have pre-determined budget schedules.

KUMC institutional information: Often requested information for grant applications.

F&A rates: These are negotiated with Department of Health and Human Services.

Other forms

• Proposal routing sheet
• Cost-share memo
• Subcontractor commitment form