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Proposal Development Process

Proposal preparation services are offered to any researcher member of the University of Kansas Cancer Center who is preparing a grant in the broad area of cancer research.

Preparation and time frame: Typically, our office's lead time for proposal development services is at least four to six weeks, even longer for complex applications involving collaboration with multiple institutions. The level of services offered will be determined by the Principal Investigator's preferences and the lead time given to our office.

Review: A draft of the proposal is to be delivered to the KUMC Research Institute 10 business days before the sponsor's deadline, and the final proposal five days before the deadline.

Submission: In most cases, the Research Institute will submit the final proposal to the sponsoring agency on behalf of the principal investigator.

Fees: There are no direct fees associated with our services.

Typical workflow:

  • Initial meeting with the PI for proposal planning session, timeline and milestones development, tasks assignments
  • Weekly meetings to monitor the progress, trouble-shooting, inform of any changes
  • After a draft of the application is assembled and internal routing forms completed, the draft proposal is referred to the Research Institute for administrative institutional review and approval.
  • Per the RI's feedback, any detected issues in the proposal are addressed or corrected
  • Final files are included in the application, and the final "ready to submit" proposal is forwarded to the RI who will complete the submission to the sponsor.
  • If the sponsor requires hard copies, our office is able to assemble the mailing package and FedEx to the agency.

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Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
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