Visiting Residents/Fellows

Thank you for your interest in visiting the University of Kansas School of Medicine during a rotation. At this time, not all programs accept visiting residents and fellows. Please contact the program you are interested in directly to see if they accept visiting residents/fellows.

Residency & Fellowship Programs

If the program you are interested in includes visiting residents/fellows in their program, the following is a list of items you will need to supply to the program coordinator of the program BEFORE you can be accepted into a visiting resident/fellow rotation. These items need to be sent to your KUMC program coordinator at least two weeks prior to the start of the visiting rotation.

  • Rotation Schedule and Rotation Goals and Objectives
  • Temporary or Permanent Kansas License Certificate
  • Missouri License Certificate (ONLY if rotating in a Missouri Hospital Site while visiting KUMC)
  • Kansas DEA
  • Missouri BNDD (ONLY if rotating in a Missouri Hospital Site while visiting KUMC)
  • Medical School Diploma, or Medical School Transcript with a letter of completion sealed from the Medical School or the ECFMG report
  • KU Health Information Registration (Occupational Health)- see KU Program Coordinator
  • Hospital O2 Computer Access (resident/fellow) Request Form- see KU Program Coordinator
  • KU Hospital Confidentiality Policy- signature required
  • KU School of Medicine HIPAA Confidentiality Policy- signature required
  • HIPAA Certificate of Training- from home institution 
  • National Provider Information Number 
  • Proof of Malpractice Insurance/Certificate ($1,000,000/$3,000,000) 
  • Clearing Form- see KU Program Coordinator

*Any incomplete items will delay the start date

Last modified: Sep 24, 2014