Welcome to our gallery of residents!  We are a diverse bunch united by our passion for Family Medicine. Click on a class link to read about each of us.

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Testimonials from current residents:

"I decided to come to KU Family Medicine because I respected the residents and faculty. I could tell that there was a good relationship between the residents; that they supported and helped one another. I also chose KU because the program offers great exposure to a diverse patient population, there are geriatric medicine faculty and the department has a very active research division." - Dr. Candice Coffey

"Kansas City is a beautiful and progressive city with the backdrop of rural life and small town feel. KU's location is ideal for me to be close to home and its opportunity for training is second to none. A program where I would be well respected not only in the community but also throughout the hospital by all specialties."
- Dr Joshua Plank

"I came to KU because I was impressed with the commitment and dedication of the faculty and residents and felt the high expectations and standards would challenge and prepare me to be the best physician I could be within a resourceful hospital system" - Dr. Erik Young

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Last modified: Jun 15, 2017