Welcome from the Director

Dear Prospective Resident,
Wendy Biggs
Thank you for considering the University of Kansas Family Medicine Residency (KUFMR) for your professional development.


KUFMR develops physicians who lead and partner with communities and colleagues to care for people of all ages.

We do this by fulfilling OUR MISSION:

By caring for a diverse, urban, and underserved population of all ages, the KUFMR develops excellent family medicine physicians through a progressive, interprofessional, community-minded, and intellectually rigorous approach to medical care.

Some ways we do this:

Interprofessional: Our busy inpatient service teams with pharmacists, nurses, and social workers to serve our family medicine patients who are hospitalized on our dedicated unit for family medicine. We interface with our clinical psychologists and social worker to address our patients' mental health and social issues to provide excellent medical care for our outpatient clinic patients.

Community-minded: We provide prenatal care in a safety net clinic and deliver these underserved women. We assist the Wyandotte County Health Department in providing women's health procedures. We work in a high school based clinic and can cover high school sports events.

Intellectually rigorous: Our faculty encourage and coach residents to be intellectually curious and support their medical decision-making with evidence and current guidelines. Residents become excellent teachers for medical students and each other.

We utilize the resources of our university hospital, a VA and military hospital, the local children's hospital, and community resources to train residents in all aspects of family medicine, including maternity care.

These examples above are only a glimpse of our residency which is rich in educational experiences. In addition, residents have 4 months of career-focused experiences to tailor their education to his/her future career.

I hope you consider applying to the University of Kansas Family Medicine Residency!

Wendy Biggs, MD
Associate Professor and Program Director
Department of Family Medicine
University of Kansas Medical Center

Last modified: Jun 15, 2017