Research Opportunities

Resident Research Activity

The KU Department of Family Medicine requires residents to participate in research projects and provides a supportive environment where residents can gain the skills and confidence they will need should they choose to engage in independent research in their future practice. The current research program includes didactic and hands-on training, exposing residents to the complexities of research and providing them with a foundation in implementation of basic clinical research. During their first year, residents undergo primarily didactic training and they select a research mentor. Both clinical and research division faculty serve as mentors and residents can choose from existing projects or identify topics related to a faculty member's area of expertise. The Department of Family Medicine boasts strong faculty mentors with backgrounds in clinical, behavioral, public health, health disparities, translational, and community based participatory research. Faculty mentors assist residents with hypothesis generation, literature searches, project design, the iterative Human Subjects Committee approval process, and project implementation (including survey design, data collection and analysis, etc.). During their second year, residents, either solely or in groups of two or three, seek Human Subjects Committee approval for a research plan to be implemented under the guidance of their mentor(s) and the Assistant Program Director for Research and complete their project. Their efforts culminate in a presentation at the Resident Research Forum at the end of the second year.  All residents are encouraged to submit their work for presentation at local, regional, or national conferences or, in some cases, for publication in peer reviewed journals.

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Last modified: Nov 12, 2014