Adults with Down Syndrome Specialty Clinic

adult down syndrome clinicAs individuals with Down Syndrome reach adulthood, many families are faced with finding resources for their adult family member with Down Syndrome. Now at the University of Kansas Medical Center, you can access a variety of services and resources through the new Adults with Down Syndrome Specialty Clinic.

The Adults with Down Syndrome Specialty Clinic can serve as a medical home where you can establish an ongoing relationship with a personal health care provider to provide comprehensive, accessible and continuous care.

The clinic can also be used for consultation visits. Families may travel from a distance or may be satisfied with their current provider but would like a second opinion or evaluation. Following the completion of the evaluation, a letter will be sent to the family with the results of the visit to share with the provider. The adult can be seen, then, as the family desires.

The successful creation of this new clinic in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center is due in part to our partners: The Greater Kansas City Down Syndrome Guild, the University of Kansas School of Nursing and the Children's Mercy Hospital & Clinics Down Syndrome Clinic.


adult down syndrome clinicFor information &/or appointments, please contact Moya Peterson, Director, PhD, ARNP, at 913-588-1915. Please leave a message. Your call will be returned and an appointment will be scheduled. A letter will be mailed prior to the appointment with instructions and directions to the clinic.  Procedures to register as a Family Medicine Clinic patient will also be initiated at the time of the appointment.

Each adult with Down Syndrome will be seen by a dietician and a family nurse practitioner at every visit. The dietician is Melissa McGuire. The family nurse practitioner is Moya Peterson. These professionals have had extensive experience in their respective fields and are anxious to work with the adult and their families to provide quality care.  Also a mental health nurse practitioner will come to the clinic  on a quarterly basis to evaluate and counsel on mental health and behavioral issues.

Other professionals available include Medical Director Mark Meyer, MD; a psychologist; an occupational therapist; a case worker; and a neurologist interested in adults with Down Syndrome. We have the full gamut of services and professionals at the University of Kansas Medical Center available to our clients if we deem it necessary.

Last modified: Feb 17, 2014