Mugur Geana, MD, PhD

Associate Professor (Adjunct)


Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania


University of Missouri-Columbia

Recent Honors and Awards

2012-Technical Advisor for the Kansas Hispanic and Latino American Affairs Commission, Kansas Office of the Governor

2011-Baskett-Mosse Faculty Development Award for outstanding interdisciplinary and community-engaging research from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

2011-Ethnicity and Race in Communication" Division Travel Award for best research paper, International Communication Association

2010-Katich Faculty Creativity Award - William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, 2010

Recent Publications

Erba J, Philips L, Geana MV. (2012) Am I In? Influence of Viewer's Race and Sex on Image Appeal for Higher Education Advertising. Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies. (in press).

Geana MV, Greiner KA, Cully A, Talawyma M, Daley Makosky C. (2012). Improving Health Promotion to American Indians in the Midwest United States: Preferred Sources of Health Information and its Use for the Medical Encounter. Journal of Community Health. (in press).

Geana MV. (2011). Environmental Illumination Influence on Startle Reflex Amplitude Measured During Manipulation of the Affective State Using Pleasant and Unpleasant Picture Presentations. Romanian Journal of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Neuroscience. (in press).

Geana MV, Daley Makosky C, Nazir N, Cully L, Etheridge J, Bledowski C, Choi WS, Greiner KA. (2011). Use of Online Health Information Resources by American Indians and Alaska Natives. Journal of Health Communication. (in press).

Greiner KA, Geana MV, Epp A, Watson A, Fillipi M, Makosky-Daley C, Engelman KK, James AS, Campbell M. (2011). Development of an "Implementation Intentions" Intervention to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening. Technology and Healthcare Journal. (in press).

Engelman KK, Cupertino AP, Daley CM, Long T, Cully A, Mayo MS, Ellerbeck EF, Geana MV, Greiner KA. (2011). Engaging Diverse Underserved Communities to Bridge the Mammography Divide. BMC Public Health 2011. 11:47.

Geana MV, Greiner KA. (2011). Health Information and the Digital Divide. Journal of Management and Marketing in Healthcare, 4(2).

Geana MV, Kimminau KS, Greiner KA. (2011). Sources of Health Information in a Multiethnic, Underserved, Urban Community: Does Ethnicity Matter? Journal of Health Communication, 16(6):583-94.

Recent Presentations

Geana MV. (2012). Strategic Planning for Health Promotion." Presented to community leaders of the Heartland Health Network, Kansas City, MO.

Geana MV. (2011). The Future of Journalism Research and Teaching: Its Benefit to Kansas. Presented to the Kansas Board of Regents, Lawrence.

Geana MV. (2011). Online lecture on "Mass Media Research Methods" HANTAL, Erasmus Program, Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid‐West Vlaanderen, Kortrijk, Belgium.

Geana MV. (2010). Habilitacion de la Comunidad de Garden City. Presented to a group of community leaders and community advocates from Garden City, KS.
Geana MV. (2010). Promoting Colorectal Cancer Prevention in the Latino Community. Training for Community Health Workers (Promotoras de Salud), El Centro, Inc., Kansas City, KS.

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Mugur Geana, MD, PhD
Associate Professor (Adjunct)