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Fourth Year Rotations

Elective in Family Medicine (FAPR 910)

The instructional objectives of the elective clerkship in Family Medicine are to build on the skills and knowledge accumulated in the basic science areas and the other clinical specialty areas and reinforce them and apply them to the delivery of health services to the family unit and relate them to the individual, the family, and the community. The clerkship, through supervised patient contact within the hospital and in the Family Medicine clinic and supervised teaching conferences, will amalgamate and reinforce the skills and previously gained clinical knowledge into the philosophy of primary health care delivery in breadth rather than depth. Prerequisite: Completed third year.

AIDS Care in the Community (FAPR 926)

This elective is a concentrated experience in AIDS medical care provided in a Family Medicine setting. The focus is on diagnosis, treatment, and psycho-social issues for men, women, and children with HIV disease, (including gynecologic, prenatal, and delivery of infected women.) Care throughout the spectrum of disease is emphasized. The course is an additional elective to be made available to clinical medical students in the fourth year of training.

Palliative Care in a Community Setting (FAPR 927)

This elective is an end-of-life medical care experience including identification and treatment of medical problems associated with cancer, CHF, COPD, AIDS, and other life-shortening diseases. The course focus is on symptom management and psycho-social issues associated with dying. This course is an additional elective to be made available to clinical medicine students in the fourth year of training.

Primary Care Sports Medicine (FAPR 935)

Students on this rotation will have the opportunity to learn the principles of primary care sports medicine. The rotation will be outpatient based and will include learning experiences in the sports medicine clinic, in the training room, and on the sidelines of high school and college sporting teams. Specific learning experiences will vary based on the sporting events that are available during the time of the elective. Students must have completed all require third-year clerkships to participate in this elective.

Community Based Geriatrics

Students on this rotation will have the opportunity to learn the principles of caring for older patients. The rotation will be based at the Landon Center on Agining and will include educational experiences in outpatient clinic, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities and with hospice. This elective experience will build on the Year 3 Geriatrics clerkship by allowing the student to further develop their understanding and management skills in the care of older adults across the health care continuum. Students are invited to individualize their experience through a focus on a particular care setting or aspect of older adult care by arrangement with the clerkship director.

Pre-Clinical Programs

Rural Family Medicine-Practice and Research (FAPR 905)

This elective is offered to students between the first and second years of medical school. It is designed to provide students with the opportunity  to observe a rural family physician in the daily practice of medicine and to participate in the data collection involving delivery of medical to patients seen in rural practices in Kansas. Students will spend two summer months on site with a rural family physician, observing the practice and performing data collection. At the beginning and end of the two month on site experience, students will spend eight days with faculty in the KUMC Family Medicine Department. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

Research in Family Practice, 2-8 (FAPR 920)

Students desiring basic research experience in the context of Family Medicine may seek the sponsorship of a Family Medicine faculty member and with that individual develop a written plan for the elective. The elective may vary in length from two weeks to three months and carries with it one credit hour for each sixty hours of time spent on the elective. Elective not available during July.

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