IPTC patient resources



Facts and Interventions

This link from the CDC website provides information and evidence-based programs available for those suffering from arthritis. It includes links and references for these programs.

Exercising and Coping with Pain

Do's and don'ts for staying ahead of your pain in your everyday routine.

Coping with Pain

This is a link to a document with more information about coping with pain, including healthy habits and what to avoid.




Fact Sheet

This pdf has information about depression, including symptoms, treatment, and more.


If you suspect that someone you know is clinically depressed, this pdf has information about how you can help.

Diet Fact Sheet

Your diet can play a huge role in your depression. This pdf has information and guidelines to follow.


Diabetes Mellitus


Blood Sugar Log

You can use this blood sugar log to keep track of your blood sugar levels throughout the week.

Diabetes Diet Survey

This word document contains questions that your doctor may ask in regards to your diabetes and the foods and drinks you consume on a regular basis.

Fact Sheet

This pdf has information about Type 2 Diabetes, including prevalance, treatment, research, and more.

Diet Guidelines

This pdf is a suggested eating plan for patients with Type 2 Diabetes.




Fact Sheet

This pdf has information about high blood pressure, including normal levels, steps for prevention, and more.

Meal Plan

This plan has meal options for each day of the week, as well as suggested calorie limits and acceptable protein/carbohydrate/fat ratio.

DASH Handout

This Word document explains the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) program.




Fact Sheet

This pdf comes from the CDC and has information about high cholesterol.

Fact Sheet and Diet Recommendations

This pdf has additional information about hyperlipidemia, as well as a list of foods that can help lower cholesterol.


General information for issues related to the above disorders/conditions, and general health maintenance:

Stress Management

Fact Sheet

This pdf has information about stress, how it affects your body, and how you can better manage it.

General Dietary Recommendations

Rethink Your Drink

This pdf has information about daily sugar intake and how many grams of sugar are in common drinks.

Medication Management

Medication Calendar

Use this Word document to keep track of the medications you're taking, when you take them, what they're used for, etc.

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