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Dear patients, students, colleagues, and all,

I have been most humbled to step into the director role for our Interprofessional Teaching Clinic (IPTC) at the University of Kansas. My predecessors and current colleagues have worked hard for nearly a decade to build this project and to sustain it. What a strong tradition of learning and practice it has become!

I encourage you to visit our Patient and Student Experiences pages, on which we list comments from patients and students who have participated in IPTC. Recorded in these comments is a sense of the value of IPTC. Patients enjoy being seen in our clinic, because it means they get to see their medical provider and other essential health professionals in the same visit. Students appreciate the collaboration they have the chance to practice through IPTC.

IPTC has two priorities: our patients and our students. To the first, our patients, we are greatly dedicated-dedicated to both their health outcomes and to their experiences of care. For the second, our students, we hope to build a culture of curiosity and innovation. Our goal is to help shape future leaders in their fields, those who can truly improve the health of us all, those who will innovate, lead, and belong to future effective teams. And, to that end, we see that we are all learners and teachers in IPTC-our faculty, our graduates, our students, and our patients.

We understand that the future of health care will be delivered in a collaborative interprofessional way. This is why, when our core faculty sat down to create our vision and mission statements earlier this year, we crafted our vision statement like this:

Through interprofessional team-based work, we will elevate our care to achieve better experiences and outcomes.  

Be well,

Laurel Witt, MD, M. Phil

Assistant Professor

Department of Family Medicine

Last modified: Nov 19, 2018