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Focused on the foundations of health

At KU Integrative Health, we're passionate about helping people heal themselves naturally by meeting the body's foundational needs: good nutrition, quality sleep, joy and movement. Through our research and education programs, we are dedicated to advancing the field of integrative medicine and spreading the use of integrative techniques among health professionals everywhere.

What is integrative medicine? Integrative medicine is an approach that incorporates mainstream medicine with complementary therapies generally not considered to be part of conventional care, with a focus on the root causes of disease and wellness. Here at KU Integrative Health, we have a focus on biomedical integrative therapies.

Looking for information about our clinic? The Integrative Health program at The University of Kansas Health System offers services including nutrition counseling, neurofeedback, and medical acupuncture. Learn more about these services on our clinical website.

Last modified: Mar 18, 2019