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Support the Family Medicine Programs

Philanthropic support for KU Medical Center's Department of Family Medicine plays a vital role in providing outstanding patient care, conducting critical research, and educating and preparing future caregivers through the residency progam. See below to learn how your donation will be used to expand medical student education, support our community-focused research program, and aid in providing exceptional care to all of our patients.

BullDoc Free School-Based Health Clinic

Donations to the BullDoc Free Clinic program will support two free, school-based health centers located at Wyandotte High School and Northwest Middle School. 

Developed and run by medical school students, a wide variety of health care services are offered to students who may not otherwise see a doctor. And, with supervision by Family Medicine physicians, KU medical students get real-life experience examining patients, diagnosing conditions and caring for patients with limited access to health care. For more information, click here.

Rural Family Medicine Program

Donations help fuel the growth of research that will result in better health care for all family members, from newborns to senior citizens, and will further KU Medical Center's Family Medicine residents and research projects.

Interprofessional Teaching Clinic

Donations to the Interprofessional Teaching Clinic, (IPTC,) program will support a learning experience that allows students of many different health professions to work together to provide coordinated, cohesive treatment to the patients they see. The IPTC is housed in the family medicine clinic, and with the supervision of KU faculty, these students get real-life experience examining patients, diagnosing conditions, and discussing and reflecting on each case with their fellow students. For more information about the IPTC, click here.

If you would like more information about how to create a meaningful philanthropic impact, including how to make a planned gift in support of family medicine research or patient care, please contact KU Endowment at 913-562-2700.

Last modified: Oct 30, 2018
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