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Krithika Malhotra, PhD, MA

Clinical Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Degree: BA Psychology, University of Mumbai, India
Masters Degree: MA Mental Health Counseling, Boston College, MA
Doctoral Degree: PhD Counseling Psychology, University of Miami, FL
Fellowships/other training: Integrated Primary Care, KUMC, KS


Reading/ watching fantasy and sci-fi stuff, puzzles of all kinds, board games, playing basketball (not well!), visiting museums, and watching comedy shows, movies, improv, etc.

Personal comments/Philosophy:

I came to Kansas City for a fellowship that has turned into a job that I love. KUMC and Family Medicine has quickly become a home for me and I enjoy working with my interprofessional colleagues on a daily basis, something I feel very passionate about. I appreciate the constant presence of various healthcare fields in our clinics and the openness of all providers to learn from each other. Working with residents to enhance their understanding and application of behavioral health skills is particularly enjoyable to me. In Family Medicine here at KUMC, we feel strongly about understanding our patients as whole individuals using a biopsychosocial framework that recognizes their social determinants of health and how that impacts their physical and mental well-being. We care as deeply about the wellness of our residents and building resilience in our next generation of family docs is especially important to me and our faculty as a whole.

K Malhotra vacation photo

Last modified: Jul 02, 2019


Krithika Malhotra, PhD, MA
Clinical Assistant Professor