Melissa Filippi, PhD
Melissa Filippi earned a PhD in cultural anthropology at the University of Kansas with an emphasis in medical anthropology. She possesses a wide range of research interests, including: health disparities, indigenous health and healing, war trauma, cancer, immigrants and refugees, maternal strategies, and social support. Melissa is a NRSA postdoctoral fellow, working for the Program of American Indian Community Health. Currently, she is writing articles, analyzing data, and preparing a research project on American Indian women's informal social support networks in relation to household and community wellbeing.
christina Christina Hester, PhD
Christina Hester earned her Ph.D. in microbiology from the University of Kansas Medical Center. She is currently an NRSA Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Family Medicine Research Division and is working on her MPH degree. Her research interests include microbiology, infectious disease, beneficial intestinal flora, and behavioral factors that influence health. She is involved in ongoing projects within the Division and is writing manuscripts, preparing grant applications, and taking classes.
Mabachi Natabhona Marianne Mabachi, PhD
Natabhona Marianne Mabachi, PhD is a NRSA Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Family Medicine. She received her Undergraduate and Master's degrees in the United Kingdom and after a number of years in the advertising world, crossed the pond to pursue a PhD. in Communication studies at the University of Kansas. During the PhD. her research focused on various aspects of health messaging in relation to HIV/AIDS and behavior change among Africans. Originally from Kenya, Natabhona is interested in work that helps address health disparity issues both locally and internationally. For instance, using a Community Based Participatory Model, she is currently working with an urban community to explore and help improve healthy food access. She is also engaged in collaborative work with a local free health clinic involving an HIV positive Peer Educators Intervention program.
Neuhaus Kris Neuhaus, MD
Kris Neuhaus, MD is a NRSA fellow with the Research Division of Department of Family Medicine, where she is concurrently working on her Masters of Public Health degree after years of general medical practice in underserved communities. She completed degrees at Kansas State University and Kansas University School of Medicine. Her research interests include reduction of health disparities, in particular through restructuring the built environment to foster healthier habits, and bringing an ecologic perspective to health initiatives.
Kristin Young, PhD
Kristin Young earned her PhD in biological anthropology at the University of Kansas in 2009, with a focus in anthropological genetics. Her research interests broadly include genetic epidemiology, population genetics, human evolution, bioinformatics, and genomics. She is currently a K30/NRSA postdoctoral fellow, pursuing an MS-CR degree, writing articles from her dissertation, and preparing a research project on patient characteristics associated with abnormal stool analysis findings.

Last modified: Feb 17, 2014