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Project Description Activity/Status Help Needed
BELT African American Asthma Study
"Chautari" Project Identifying those at mental health risk of services. Chautari come from a Nepali word for a resting place for conversation. Submitting grant to National Institute of Mental Health
Cross-Cultural Health Leadership Institute Development and testing of cross-cultural training intervention for providers and US researchers in patient-provider communication with linguistically isolated patients. Active/Recruiting
CIHR Planning Grant
School-Based Health Centers Launching new school-based clinics within USD 500 school district. Work at Bulldoc at Wyandotte High School ongoing, working with Zaragoza business planning, new clinics at Silver City. Submitting grant to add mental health aspect. Extensive student involvement.
RO1 American Indian Touch to Screen Recruitment ongoing
Exploring African American Colorectal Cancer Disparities Recruitment ongoing
Translational approach to understanding African American colorectal cancer disparities Recruitment ongoing
Promoting Healthy Diet (U54) in Latinos and Native American population Development Phase
CTSA CPH Program Supports and stimulates community-academic partnerships in translational research; training and tracking community engaged projects out of KUMC. Linking new partners, piloting CE training, TDF's.
Geriatric Education Center Evaluation
Health Center Controlled Network Evaluation Evaluation
Novel Diabetes Therapy Study (with AAFP)
TRANSLATE Chronic Kidney Disease Practice improvement in slowing progression of stage 3 and 4 Chronic Kidney Disease using academic detailing and practice facilitation. 2-4 posters accepted at North American Primary Care Research Group.
Misclassification of Chronic Kidney Disease Modeled after a pilot study spin-off of TRANSLATE, studying how/if patients with ICD9 codes for Chronic Kidney Disease actually meet disease and race-specific diagnostic criteria. Designed for resident project; Poster accepted for North American Primary Care Research Group.
CDC HepC Toolkit Test in Primary Care Testing acceptability of CDC guidance to clinician of materials used to guide discussions of liver health and hepatitis C risk in asymptomatic adults born 1949-1965. 2 KUMC FM clinicians participated
Screening for Adult ADHD Using tablets, administering the WHO screener and the AAQOL survey with point of care results for the identification of 18-44 year old adults with possible ADHD.
Fluoride and Children's Oral Health in Kansas Statistical model analysis testing the degree to which water fluoridation predicts untreated decay among school-age children. Prime contract
Community Engagement Core Frontiers
Practice Facilitation Online course through SUNY at Buffalo. Provides support to facilitators in practice improvement.
Oral Health in Primary Care Project seeks to learn how primary care practies have integrated oral health screening, services, referral, etc. and what barriers exist. Lead is American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry; collaborating organizations also include AAP and AAFP
ICis: improving colorectal cancer screening information systems Using EHRs and middleware, improving the use of registry of patients due for screening, inclusion of patient preference for screening, screening offered.
PAINS-KC A patient-powered research network on chronic pain Active; submitted PCORIPPRN application.
DISCVR CDRN PCORI Application submitted.
PAIN CONTROLS Comparative effectiveness study of four medications for non-diabetic neuropathic pain. PCORI application 8/15
Gout and Obesity
Meeting the Needs of Patient with Limited English Proficiency Pilot study involving 3 MOSAIC networks.
MOM Clinic Seeking grant fund/application opportunity for sustainability of clinic at Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care.
MOM MoodBooster Project involving post-partum depression and virtual/online tailored support/counseling.
BRFSS Health Literacy 3 questions added to 2014 BRFSS KUSOM-WWCGME/KBA
MOSAIC P30 infrastructure grant to advance Practice-Based Research Networks
Uganda R01 on Safer Conception Practices Piloting in 10 sites, waiting to hear funding decision on R01, May mtgs with MOH about scale-up.
Kenya HITSystem Scale-Up


Approval to include Tanzania

Preparing to submit on May 7th. Will design HITSystem 2.0
Small Business Innovation Research grant proposal to NIH HITSystem 2.0 following up with mothers
All Nations Breath of Life Video Project
Faith Works - Connecting for a healthy community Collaboration with area churches to address health disparities.
Colorectal Cancer Screening through Urban African Churches
African American men and Colorectal Cancer Disparities
Faith-Based Program Curriculum Cluster Analytic method study in the Midwest - concerning colorectal cancer screening among African Americans (American Cancer Society/Health Disparities Research Division)
Hawk Health Outreach Education/outreach ongoing; full research project in recruitment phase (summer 2013 began year 4 of 5 year grant)

Last modified: Apr 13, 2015
News Update

HITSystem Attracts Attention of First Lady of Kenya

Dr. Sarah Kessler has been helping expand the HITSystem for several years. Colleagues in Kenya met with the country's First Lady last month.

Distinguished Teaching Career Earns Nason Award for Birch

2015 was a banner year for Dr. James Birch, as he was the recipient of multiple awards including the Nason Award for Excellence in Family Medicine Education, and also visited Panama on a medical mission trip.

Medical Student selected for Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute

Tequila Manning was selected to participate in the inaugural Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute. She will participate in a year-long leadership development program.