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Alumni of the KU Family Medicine Residency program

Residency Class of 2020 Family Medicine

Class of 2020

Zachary Degner, MD (Chief Resident) - Emergency Medicine, Western Missouri Medical Center, Warrensburg, MO
Cristina Enrique, DO - Obstetrics Fellowship, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Chelsea Fair, MD (Chief Resident) - Surgical Obstetrics Fellowship, Cone Health, Greensboro, NC
Jill Grothusen, MD - St. Luke's Hospital, Kansas City, MO
Amir Mardi, MD - University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS
Victoria Psomiadis, MD - Lehigh Valley Health Network, LVPG Family Medicine, Moselem Springs, PA
Nikhila Reddy, MD - Albuquerque, NM
Mathaly Satgunanathan, MD - Plans outpatient practice in Toronto
Nithin Suresh, MD - Plans to practice in Austin, TX  

Class of 2019

Rommel Asagwara, MD (Chief Resident) - ER Physician, Bolivar Medical Center, MS
Christina Cheng, MD - Geriatric Fellowship at University of Kansas Medical Center, KS
Turner Fishpaw, MD - Hospitalist in Saint Luke's Health System, Kansas City, MO
Jason Foster, MD - Outpatient clinic, Tonganoxie, KS
Surya Lakhanpal, MD - Family Medicine Surgical Obstetrics Fellowship at Christus Spohn Hospital/Texas A&M, Corpus Christi, TX
Cheryl Liang Burns, MD (Chief Resident) - Hospitalist at Saint Luke's Health System, Kansas City, MO
Dewan Majid, MD - Urgent Care Clinic, NJ
Daniel Parente, MD, PhD - Clinician-Researcher in academic faculty at University of Kansas Medical Center, KS 
Sarah Strawn, DO - VA Hospital, Oregon

Class of 2018

Sanjay Dronavalli, MBBS
Haroon Ferhut, MD
Florentina Garcia, MD
Yilei Gu, MD
Priyanka Kalidindi, MBBS
Taylor Kinney, MD (Chief Resident)
Sofia Ligard, MD
Kylie Rhodes, MD (Chief Resident)
Megha Teeka Satyan, MBBS

Class of 2017

Shane Austin, MD
Jennifer Buseman, MD
Jean-Phillippe Darche, MD (Chief Resident)
Ahrar Haque, MBBS
Nicole Johnson, MD (Chief Resident)
Justin Legris, MD
Nicole Mosley, MD
Jonathan Mou, MD
Hari Sanjani, MBBSS

Class of 2016

Tanya Bedward, MD
Candice Coffey, MD
Mark Fierro, MD
Justin Lawing, MD
Sara Lowery, MD (Chief Resident)
Bhakti Patel, MD
Naveen Penmasta, MD
Jonathan Philippe, MD
Scott Wewel, MD (Chief Resident)

Class of 2015

Darius Amani, MD
Roger Lee, MD
Stacy Leiker, MD
Claude Louis, MD
Brian Neely, MD
Joshua Plank, MD (Chief Resident)
Nathan Sprengel, DO (Chief Resident)
James Standord, MD
Van Tuong Trinh, MD
Erik Young, MD

Family Medicine Residency Awards

Jack Walker Award

Chosen by the faculty for the resident who most exemplifies the qualities of a family physician: compassion, continuity with patients, availability and breadth of practice.

  • 2020 - Chelsea Fair, MD
  • 2019 - Jason Foster, MD
  • 2018 - Kylie Rhodes, MD

Patient Advocacy Award

Chosen by the faculty for a graduation resident(s) in recognition of patient-centeredness, advocating for patients and sensitivity to social determinants of health

  • 2020 - Cristina Enrique, DO
  • 2019 - Surya Lakhanpal, MD, and Sarah Strawn, DO
  • 2018 - Tina Garcia, MD
  • 2017 - Krithika Malhotra, PhD

Family Medicine Resident Award for Scholarship

Chosen by the faculty for the individual resident or resident team who completed a research project of high quality and disseminated their results beyond KU

  • 2020 - Jill Grothusen, MD
  • 2019 - Cheryl Liang-Burns, MD (Presented at NAPCRG in Chicago, IL, 2018)
  • 2018 - Tina Garcia, MD and Sofia Ligard, MD (Presented at NAPCRG in Toronto, Canada, 2017)

Global Health Certificate

Selected to recognize a resident who showed a dedication to the health of individuals around the globe.

  • 2020 - Chelsea Fair, MD
  • 2019 - Christina Cheng, MD  (Focused on respiratory illness in Bangkok, Thailand) 

STFM Resident Teacher Award

Chosen by the faculty to recognize the graduating resident who best demonstrated interest, ability and commitment to family medicine education

  • 2020 - Jill Grothusen, MD
  • 2019 - Jason Foster, MD
  • 2018 - Megha Teeka, MD
  • 2017 - John Mou, MD

Faculty of the Year Award

Chosen by graduating residents to recognize leadership and dedication to educating residents.

  • 2020 - Paul Rotert, DO
  • 2019 - Megha Teeka, MD
  • 2018 - Tahira Zufer, MD

Faculty Advisor Award 

Chosen by graduating residents for the advisor who showed outstanding commitment in mentorship, guidance and support for their advisee.

  • 2020 - Tahira Zufer, MD
  • 2019 - Faith Butler, MD

Sunflower Nurse Award

Chosen by graduating residents for the nurse demonstrating excellence in patient care and commitment to teamwork.

  • 2020 - Karen Laird, RN
  • 2019 - Brooke Abel, LPN
  • 2018 - Karen Laird, RN
  • 2017 - Chris Shipers, LPN

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