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Ready Aim Screen


The study is a randomized controlled clinical trial that tests the efficacy of a patient tailored, clinical decision-making tool in order to improve completion rates of colorectal cancer screening in urban safety net clinics. The intervention we are testing is an adaptive, touchscreen computer program that delivers either standard health education around CRC and screening options or uses the patient's implementation intentions to deliver a specific screening plan. We've had success with similar programs in the past and in this iteration, we are examining the effect of having patients who do not complete screening after the initial intervention, return for a "second dose" intervention. In addition to English programs, the interventions can also be tailored to Spanish and Nepali speakers.

The patients who meet eligibility criteria meet with our recruitment staff either by appointment or after a normal office visit at the clinic for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. After participating, they receive a $20 gift card and a free FIT kit. Our staff develops the returned FIT kits and takes care of notifying the patients of the results. With EMR access in other clinic locations, we've also uploaded results directly for the providers' convenience. Phone surveys at 6 and 12 months offer additional gift card incentives for participants.

We are hoping to enroll 500 patients into the study over a 25 month period that began in January of 2018.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any additional information.

Department of Family Medicine & Community Health
University of Kansas Medical Center 

Last modified: Jun 28, 2019