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Letter from the Director

Dear Reader,

Our unit is dedicated to studying and improving understanding of family medicine and how family medicine can play a role in eliminating the wide range of health concerns and conditions as well as population health issues for communities and groups of patients. We engage in projects on many topics from health literacy to cancer survivorship, to HIV transmission reduction. The vast majority of our projects employ community-based participatory research methods or involve intensive collaboration with community partners.

Our partnerships often lead to project activities that take us beyond data collection, intervention delivery, and statistical analysis and we push forward with study findings to deliver services or help our partners coordinate approaches for improving the health of those they serve. We are proud to go beyond our grants and scientific writings to run health fairs, develop and deliver community-based health care services, assist partners with grant writing and provide technical assistance as others design and plan enhanced programs. 

Our unit houses the Frontiers Community Partnership for Health Program, which serves as the KUMC office for research community engagement promotion. Frontiers is the KUMC Clinical Translational Science Award Program and has the overall goal of moving scientific discovery to healthcare delivery quicker and more efficiently.

Our Research Division is funded by a diverse portfolio of grants from organizations such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute, the Division of Health and Human Services, the Greater Kansas City Health Care Foundation and others.

This last year the KUMC Department of Family Medicine had the fifth highest annual amount of NIH funding of all departments of family medicine nationwide. Dr. Sarah Kessler, one of our youngest NIH funded faculty, is ranked sixth in NIH funding for all family medicine faculty.

Our projects rely on both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and we are always looking for innovative new techniques to test in primary care settings and help lower costs and improve health outcomes for all. We have had a heavy focus in prior projects in urban safety-net clinics, rural communities across Kansas and, more recently, with refugees and through international global health partnerships. We are committed to working with family physicians who serve the underserved and we will continue to help these providers study questions that matter to them and their patients. We also have many connections to local and regional public health institutions and non-profits who work to address the social determinants of health.

We are always open to new partnerships and projects. Please contact us if we can ever be of assistance with writing proposals, designing projects, processing data, or strategizing to improve health outcomes for the populations you serve. We are excited to link to new and diverse partners both locally and nationally. We welcome your inquiries or feedback on ways we can improve our work and service to our constituents.


K. Allen Greiner
Research Director
Department of Family Medicine
University of Kansas Medical Center

Last modified: Dec 03, 2018
Research Director

Allen Greiner, MD, MPH
Research Director and Professor

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