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IV Vitamin C

IV Vitamin C or IV ascorbic acid is a pro-oxidative therapy widely used in Europe for support of cancer treatment. IV Vitamin C does not work the same way that oral Vitamin C works. Because oral vitamin C cannot achieve high levels in the body, IV Vitamin C is the only way to do so. Even liposomal Vitamin C cannot achieve the levels that IV C can achieve.

The rate and dose is important, and we generally aim to have a 400 millimolar level in the blood.

IV Vitamin C is converted into hydrogen peroxide in the extra-cellular space, and weakens or kills cancer cells through oxidation.

Different cancer cells are differently susceptible to IV Vitamin C. Cancer cells that have catalase tend to be more resistant. IV Vitamin C may not kill all cancer cells, but it will help slow down the rate of growth.

In general, IV Vitamin C, given together with chemotherapy, works better than either alone.

The cheap way to check for adequate Vitamin C levels is to do an accucheck before and after IV Vitamin C infusion. This is because the IV Vitamin C 'fools' the glucometer and is read as glucose. Subtract the initial reading from the post infusion reading to get a rough estimate of serum levels.

Last modified: Jun 21, 2019